All I want for christmas is you.๐ŸŽ„


1. Seasons greetings

This story is about a couple spending time with Family and Friends but something horrible has gone wrong to the people. Here's how the story took place.

Calum- I'm so ready for Christmas bae

Me- I am two, but we have to hurry. We only have 12 hours till Christmas so let's start shopping now

Calum- ok let's do this

Calum went to Victoria secret for me I guess and I went to Academy's for him for our presents.

We also bought our own wrapping paper. Calum got home 15 minutes before I did. We also got presents for our friends and family. We set up the Christmas tree we put ordainments on there, Decorated our house with light little tiny fake presents and a signs that said "Celebrate the happy holiday's". We wrapped each other's present and friends and family for Christmas. Once we were done we sat in deep breathing and sweating involved.

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