Finding Love

Lucy takes a job at the local cafe to earn money, but Natsu keeps interfering with her work. That boy is SO annoying...until he's gone, in which case, he's a saint.
Natsu is on a really long job alone, because Lucy wouldn't listen to him. It wasn't HIS faults that he accidentally set that flirty guy's clothes on fire....
Lucy can be really mean...until Natsu begins to miss her... THEN she's the kindest human being on the planet!
Find out what these very human characters discover about themselves in their time apart! (Except you already know what happens, because of the extremely alluring title that contains the word 'love' in it)


1. My Uber-Annoying Teammate

          This is a section from Lucy's private diary. All curse words have been removed to make this friendly to little ears, though I am sure that is 'little ears' are on a fanfiction website, they are too far gone to get any real "protection". 

         I can't believe Natsu right now. That idiot went and ruined my chances of ever working at that cafe again....And after all that trouble Levy went to to get me a job there too! And he got me fired in the most embarrassing way possible, a per usual, of course. First, the idiot got angry at my boss for, and I quote, "lookin' at you funny". Of course, my boss wasn't 'looking at me funny' (as if that's a reason to deck someone!) he was just making sure that I was doing my job correctly! Secondly, the brainless slime accidentally set a customer's booth of fire. I tell you, sometimes my famous, dragonslayer teammate is a real klutz. And I don't mean that is the cute,endearing way either. I mean in the "I accidentally explode everything that gets close to me" sort of klutzy. And the third, and final offense, was that he followed me into the kitchen, which is AN EMPLOYEES ONLY AREA, AS INDICATED BY THE EXTREMELY OBVIOUS SIGN ON THE FRIGGIN' DOOR. The idiot didn't even try to explain this one. God, I hate him SO MUCH right now! And, after a long hard last day, the day on which I was FIRED from my the very thing that paid my rent, I found Natsu at my house eating my food, talking trash about my favorite stuff.

           If  you said we'd had a mere argument, I would have told you that that's the understatement of the year! I better not find him at my place tomorrow.... 



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