Bookstores & Bicycles

A story in poems, this describes the love between a food-loving, bike-riding, wants-to-go-to-Paris girl and her bookish german crush.


2. Das Madchen (The Girl)

Long legs, bright eyes, a beautiful smile

I rather do hope she stays for a while.

I sit a bit further down in the big comfy chair

Hoping I still have nice, neat hair.

Long legs, bright eyes, and delicate hands

A magazine she picks up from the closeby stand

My face I do cover up with a book

Hoping that this way she thinks not to look

Long legs, bright eyes, and gorgeous, thin red lips

Suddenly the magazine slips!

I stand up, walk over, blushing the whole time

As she takes she laughs-the sound is sublime!



!!The grammar isn't perfect here because the narrator is not American. The boy talking is from Germany. !! 


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