Drama Attack

Daniela and her Friends are hitting a Drama Attack when her brother and his band mates come and visit. what will happen if Daniela's enemies come and ruin there lives. there will be love, betrayal, rudeness, marriage, and lots and lots of Drama. find out what happens in Drama Attack.
( may contain sexual content) just warning you!!


5. chapter 6

Daniela's pov

i was on the couch making out with Liam and now he was on top of me and he was still kissing me.'' i love the way you taste Dani'' he said in a whisper and his minty breath gave me the chills ''thanks your not so bad yourself'' i replied in a whisper. he was about to take off my shirt until we heared the door ''ill get it'' i said and got up ''should we let them wait'' he asked smirking '' sure'' i smirked and ran to him and kissed his vanilla lips. '' get a room'' Zayn popped from the door with Alex laughing in the background '' sooner or later you guys will be having sex'' i said smirking at them and Liam. ''ok don't get your panties in a twist god'' he said. god i hate him some times but he is still my best friend. '' so what happened between you'' Liam asked '' were together'' Alex and Zayn said at the same time and were smiling ''FINALLY we can seek on you while you guys are making out'' i cheered. '' uh no'' Alex said. we all laughed and spent the rest of day playing video games and other random games like twister, monopoly, uno,until dawn, the last of us and FIFA.

Harry's pov

im really pissed because Liam took my FUCKING girlfriend. Daniela was supposed to be mine. lets see if she really wants this Dick. i took out my phone and called her... 

~phone call~


hey do you want to come over~Harryissexy


alright ill pick you up~Harryissexy 


meet me in front of your house and wear something nice~Harryissexy 

wait why~Diam 


because what~Diam 

because i said so bye~Harryissexy  ( end call)

that was weird? 5 mins later i hear the door and i got up and got the door." hi'' Daniela said standing in a red short dress. DAMN she so sexy. ''hey'' i said ''come in'' ''ok''. ''so what did you want me to do so much that i had to wear something nice'' she asked, ''well i made us dinner'' i smirked '' let me guess you called me because you want to have sex with me'' how did she know '' no why'' '' well i saw it in your smirk'' she said getting closer to me '' i'm only giving you a kiss and thats the closest thing you will get to sex'' ''ok'' i said and leaning in to kiss her. i was right her lips are soft i love it. we kissed passionately, it was amazing...

Daniela's pov 

~next day~ 

i woke up next to HARRY!!!! I got up and i'm naked!!! i get my dress up from the floor, my underwear, and my bra and put it back on and thank god i saw a condom on the floor i'm saved. i really hope Liam doesn't dump me for something i didn't want to happen. actually i'm not telling Liam at all. i ran out trying not to wake up Harry and left as soon as i can. i'm seriously in BIG trouble!!! 

~at home~

i finally got home without any one finding out '' hi Dani'' someone said ''shit'' i mumbled under my breath '' who's there'' i said playing because i know it was Liam '' its me Liam''he said and popped out of the shadows. '' where were you last night'' he questions '' somewhere'' i groaned. '' but where'' he protested somewhat about to yell '' if i tell you are going to get mad and leave me'' i said almost about to cry but i dont want to show Liam that im weak. '' what is it and why do you have a hickey on your neck'' he questioned and started to get upset '' it was Harry'' i whispered '' IT WAS THAT SON OF A BITCH THAT TOOK MY GIRL AWAY'' he yelled in my face. '' it wasn't me i don't know he just called me over and i kinda happened and im sorry i really really do apologize and i'm sorry and i love you and if you want me too leave ill just pack my bags and go'' i said with all of my breath and tears started to come down my face " do you really mean that" Liam asked "yes" i replied with a smile. He ran up too me and kissed my soft lips. He was really turning me on with his vanilla taste " im sorry i screamed at you" Liam apologized " its fine" i said and he wiped off the tears that were left on my face. " i love you" he whispered " i love you too" i whispered back and he kissed me passionately again with his vanilla taste. GOD DAMN I LOVE HIM…



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