Drama Attack

Daniela and her Friends are hitting a Drama Attack when her brother and his band mates come and visit. what will happen if Daniela's enemies come and ruin there lives. there will be love, betrayal, rudeness, marriage, and lots and lots of Drama. find out what happens in Drama Attack.
( may contain sexual content) just warning you!!


4. chapter 5

Daniela's pov

ok, so i went to the boss's house to see how's things. when i sit down, i see Alex crying on Liam's lap. FYI, Liam was practically yelling at Zayn while Zayn just sat there. so after Liam explains things to me, i tell Zayn why like literally why? after he explains, I'm like, why you always lyin, oh my god. '' i'm sorry Liam,Daniela, and Alex'' Zayn mumbled under his breath.

~ my house~

'' so what happened between Zayn and Alex'' Louis asked. '' it's not going so well there fighting instead of having a relationship'' i replied. i cant believe Zayn yelled at  Alex. thats one way ticket to a death relationship. " Zayn what is wrong with you just screamed at your future girlfriend/wife'' i asked. '' i'm sorry i gotta go make things right'' Zayn said and YEETED out the door.

Alex's pov

i was so upset, my crush yelled at me and now i''m home crying for no reason. i should be strong and face him myself. * KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* i heared the door so i got up and opened it. oh god it's Zayn '' what the hell do you want from me'' i said sassy '' i just came to say sorry and i didn't mean to yell at you and i didn't mean it and i'm sorry''he apologized. '' its ok'' i said ''really'' '' yeah and besides i like you so yeah'' i said '' YASS'' he yelled and came in to hug me and planted a kiss on my lips. he tastes like cinnamon i love it. ''let me tell the others'' he said and grabbed my hand and led me to his car. he had a BMW 2014 in black '' you like what you see'' he asked '' hell yeah'' i said and we drove off to Daniela's house...

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