Drama Attack

Daniela and her Friends are hitting a Drama Attack when her brother and his band mates come and visit. what will happen if Daniela's enemies come and ruin there lives. there will be love, betrayal, rudeness, marriage, and lots and lots of Drama. find out what happens in Drama Attack.
( may contain sexual content) just warning you!!


1. chapter 2

Zayn's pov

we finally arrived at Nandos and Niall was jumping around along with Daniela. GOD DAMN she's so sexy i just want to take her to bed and we can do so much more than i want to do 😏. so we got inside of Nandos and Daniela was sitting with Niall and i know I'm not the jealous type but I'm jealous because Daniela is mine and Niall is taking her away from me. '' are you ok'' Daniela asked '' yea'' i replied smirking. she chuckled. '' if you want to talk we can'' she questioned. '' ill let you know'' i replied winking at her.we talked all night and we all know Daniela as good as we know Louis and i literally couldn't take my eyes off of Daniela she's just so pretty. we paid and went to Daniela's/Louis' house. 

~ at Daniela's/Louis' house ~

we got to there house and Daniela we to sleep early because she has school tomorrow and good thing its Thursday and tomorrow is Friday so it was actually getting pretty late so i just said '' good night y'all'' and yeeted out the door.


Daniela's pov

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* my alarm rang and thank god its Friday and there's a half a day because these people hate us so yea.so i got up and pick out my black skinny jeans, a black bra, my black and red flannel, and my all black high top converse. i went in the shower and then 5minutes later i got out and got changed and did my daily routine. i went downstairs and Niall and Liam were on the couch and Harry was crawled up into ball on the floor. THERE SO CUTE!! i wrote a note and put it on the table and i went to Liam and kissed his forehead and left to go to school. i opened the door and Zayn was there '' i thought you might need a ride'' he said and i nodded and i grabbed his hand and he led me to his car. he had a BMW in black 2010. '' nice ride'' i questioned. '' thanks'' he replied. '' what school'' ''eastwood high school''. and he drove me to my school.


~ at school~

'' thxs'' i said '' your welcome, its the least i can do for a pretty girl like you'' he said and i started to blush '' thxs'' i said and before i left he kissed me in the cheek and sparks started to explode in my stomach and i started to walk up to my friends Ashely,Alex(aka the boss), Diana,Rachel, Bianca, and Meghan. ''hey Daniela'' they all said at the same time '' hey i see you got a boyfriend and he's HOT '' Alex said. man she is always hitting on cute guys but this time i can't blame her Zayn is hot. '' no he's not my boyfriend he's my brother's friend and band mate'' i said '' i thought your brother was still on tour'' Rachel asked '' he came back yesterday'' i replied and the bell rang and we went to our lockers which are right next to each other and got to class

~ end of the day~

'' hey do you guys want to come to my house today and maybe sleepover'' i asked them and they said '' YAS''. we talked and talked all day until we got to our houses...


hey guys so this chapter 2 i hope you enjoy and don't forget to like and comment it will be a really big help and also I have to give some credit to @holyboss10122 she helped write this book with me so yea enjoy!!!!

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