Drama Attack

Daniela and her Friends are hitting a Drama Attack when her brother and his band mates come and visit. what will happen if Daniela's enemies come and ruin there lives. there will be love, betrayal, rudeness, marriage, and lots and lots of Drama. find out what happens in Drama Attack.
( may contain sexual content) just warning you!!


14. chapter 12

Zayn's pov

I'm a little upset that Liam took Daniela away from me but I got Alex and that's all that matters to me. I mean I got to have sex with Daniela and sooner or later I'll be in bed with Alex all the time if she says yes. And also me and the gang or should I say the odd squad are going to London but Daniela and Liam are going Monday and the rest of us are going Friday.i know im not the jealous type but there lucky. While i was thinking Daniela and Liam are going to be together forever and i want to be with Alex the rest of my life. And thank goodness i bought a ring already. And then i decided to call Daniela…

Hello- Dani

Hello- Zayn

Hey what do you need-Dani

I need you to come over its important-Zayn


Will Liam be upset-Zayn

No why-Dani

Just asking-Zayn

Ok bye see ya in a bit-Dani

Ok see ya - Zayn

And i hung up the call. 3 mins later i heard a knock on the door "hey" Daniela said standing at the door step. " you look sexy" i smirked " engaged" she said holding up the finger with the ring. " oh yea forgot " i said rolling my eyes " so what did you need me for" she asked " I dont know how to propose to Alex" i answered " ok " she said " ok is not going to cut it " i said " ok just pretend im Alex and dont take it too far and you know what i mean and just pretend im not here got it " she said " actually thats a good idea and i promise not too take it that far " i said and was about to begin " Alex i know we had a rough start and you know that i love you and i will always love you and i just want you to answer this one question… will you marry me " i said and went on one knee. " Hey WHAT THE HELL ZAYN " Alex bursts in the door and screamed " Alex its not what it looks like i swear " i questioned " really its not what it looks like you are proposing to Daniela when she is already taken by Liam and this just shows me that you never cared about and you dont love me anymore " Alex said and started to cry her eyes out and stormed out of my house. " DAMN WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME" i yelled and went on both of my knees and started to cry my eyes out and luckily Daniela was there to comfort me " its ok Zayn everything is going to be ok " Daniela said patting my back. For real why does this SHIT always happen to me…

Liam's pov

Its like 7:30pm and Daniela is it even home yet and shes been gone for like 5HOURS, it doesn't take that long to talk to someone right? Then my phone started vibrating and i look and it was Alex…


Hey do you know what is going on~the Boss




IKR~the Boss

Im going to this house RIGHT NOW~Liam

Im coming too~the Boss

Ok bye~Liam

And when Alex got here we left and we went to Zayn's house.…

Daniela's pov

I feel bad for Zayn because he just lost the one he loves most and i really do feel bad. So i got Zayn water and when i got there i saw that Liam and Alex were by the door upset. " ZAYN JAVVAD MALIK WHY THE FUCKING ARE PROPOSING TO MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND" Liam said SCREAMING… " Liam Zayn isn't proposing to me because im marrying you and i love you" " thats not Alex said" Liam said crossing his arms. " Alex is a bitch if she told u that" i said and i saw Alex mad. Then we all started fighting back and fourth until Liam yelled " THATS IT WERE BREAKING UP" " what?? What does that mean" i said breathing unevenly. " were breaking up" Liam repeated " fine HERES UR FUCKING RING BUT JUST TO LET YOU KNOW DONT COME CRAWLING BACK TO ME CUZ UR MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE AND U WILL NEVER FIND ANOTHER GIRL THAT WILL COMPARE TO ME " i yelled and threw the ring at his face. " LEAVE MY HOUSE BOTH OF YOU JUST LEAVE NO BUTS NO EXPLAINING JUST GO " Zayn yelled and they left. All i did was cry on Zayn back… " its ok Daniela everything will be fine dont worry you have me and ur brother and the rest of ur friends" Zayn said " but they dont know that this happened and i dont want to tell them" i said " ok then this will be our little secret" Zayn said sticking out his pinkie and i sticked out my pinkie and then he kissed me and the rest was wonderful

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