Drama Attack

Daniela and her Friends are hitting a Drama Attack when her brother and his band mates come and visit. what will happen if Daniela's enemies come and ruin there lives. there will be love, betrayal, rudeness, marriage, and lots and lots of Drama. find out what happens in Drama Attack.
( may contain sexual content) just warning you!!


13. And another a/n

Hey guys thank you for being patient and waiting i really appreciate it and i know i haven't updated in a while because I've been really busy and i couldn't update but i got good news ill be updating this week i will post chapter 12 & 13 this week so stay tuned for that and yea so of the characters in this story will not be in some scenes of this story and im working on the Sequel for Drama Attack but anywayz i hope y'all have a good week and weekend and thank you so much for reading Drama attack it really means alot to me like always i love you guys and ill start working on chapter 12 & 13 for y'all so yea BAIIIIIIII!!!!!! 😘🔐💘

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