Just a book of my poetry :)


7. You Say That You Love Me

You say that you love me, but you

 Hit me with your words

 Choke me with your negative feelings

You say that you love me, but you 

 Revel in my defeat 

 Laugh at my tears

You constantly destroy me,

 My Pride 

 My Dignity

 My Trust 

 My Heart 

 Shattered into a million pieces

How could I love such a monstrosity

Have you always been such a monster?

Was I so blinded by false love?

False hope?

How foolish of me!

Or was it foolish at all?

Is it foolish to love?

To Hope?

To Care?

To Want?

Or was I just foolish to stay?

To suffocate instead of breathe

How long before my lungs get tired and collapse?

What will you do when I'm cold, blue and bruised with the words you left me to endure in my last moments of suffocating for you?

Is it even worth it?

Will I risk it all again?

You said that you loved me

But is it even true?

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