Just a book of my poetry :)


3. Would You Do It All Again?

I wonder if I am ever just on your mind

Like five a.m. thoughts that just won't allow you to sleep at night

Or when you're day dreaming does your thoughts just drift off to me

Do you see couples in the park and just think what could have been

Do you dream about me in your sleep and just wake up and wish that was reality

Do you come up with scenarios of what could of been before your thoughts creep off into an endless darkness of what shouldn't have been

Or was I just replaceable


A means to an ends to you

I wonder if our love had a purpose

And would you do it all again

Would you take out the arguments and the pouts that probably should't have been

Would you take out the love just to make this all easier again

Or would you take out her

Maybe you'll just make her love you

Like you love her

Or do you love me

Like you claim

I just wonder would you do it all again?

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