Just a book of my poetry :)


5. Pretty Woman

Pretty woman

who wears a faceless mask

Her face has yet to be unveiled

I may be blind to her face

Yet her soul I can see as clear as day

The way it curves in all the right places

How she keeps her private places, private

All neat and tidy

The way her brain stretches across oceans and mountains

How she spreads her knowledge like wildfire

Instead of her legs

Wisdom beyond her years

She is the definition of pretty

Her face is not needed

To classify her beauty

Her soul speaks loud enough

Pretty woman wears a fearless mask

With her cloak of uncertainty

Pretty woman has no face

Pretty woman has no fear

Pretty woman does not exist

Pretty woman hides within your walls deep inside your thoughts

Your conscious mind

Scratching at the surface

Begging to be free

Begging to exist

Pretty woman does not exist

Pretty woman is not real

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