Just a book of my poetry :)


6. Did You Ever Think Of Me?

Did you ever think of me

Did you ever think of my firsts

My first steps

My first words

My first laugh

My first cry

When I came into this world

Did you even care

I guess not

They say actions speak louder than words

I guess you prefer silence

Where were you when I needed you the most

You were supposed to guide me

Teach me

Love me

Hold me

Tell me everything would be alright

Do everything a father should

You were supposed to slay the monsters under my bed

Be my hero

Instead you were the villain inside of  my head

My nightmares

The ones that you were supposed to protect me from

But you weren't there like a father should have been

Now you want to be there

It's to late

You want me to come to you

It shouldn't be this way

They aren't my family

Just reminders

Of what I couldn't have

A father,


Guess you just didn't care

Just one question I must ask then you can return to your family

Did you ever think of me?

Did you ever care?

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