Translation of Dutch shortstories by Yara Dhont.


5. Nebula

Once upon a time, there were two stars lost in between thousands and millions of their kind. Only one look had been enough for them to fall in love. They wanted to be with each other, but were separated by a trillion lightyears.
A hundred centuries ago they suddenly disappeared and no man who knew where they’d gone to. Though some scientist had an explanation.
It all started with that one star, named Ula. One they she had a bigger glow, they day on which they fell in love. The next day there was no change, neither the following day. It was only after a few weeks a curious scientist ascertained that she had moved two inches on the telescope image. He kept an eye on her and indeed every day she was shifting a little more to her left on the screen.
This news quickly spread and first they thought it was a comet. But still, it was a star, it was Ula, and soon everybody was watching tense every night how she moved. Her glow was unmistakable, even an amateur could easily keep her apart from the others. Sneaky even the moon kept an eye on her. She wanted to share the juicy gossip with the other moons in the galaxy.
Ula kept on moving determined. All her powers were spilled, but she went on. Her goal was very clear set, even though it stayed a mystery for the rest of the universe, except for one…
Oh yes, the second star who carried the name Neb looked forward to her. Spellbound by her beauty he also had begun to glow. That on the other hand nobody had ever seen, because every eyes glanced to the pulchritudinous Ula.
He moved too! Yeah, slower and with more doubt, but he too moved every day an inch.
Wild rumors circulated on Mars and earth and some guessed not so wrong.
“She has become blind of love!”
“She’s going to her destruction!”
“If we only knew where she was going, oh Ula!”
Only two stars knew then: Neb and Ula. Their love faced meteorites and rains of dust. Their glow was so pure that eyes teared up. Every night they came closer and closer and on earth too they began to understand what their destination could be.
The moon realized what was going on and was seized by a hellish jealousy. She was no longer in the spotlight and also her relationship with earth was going swampy, however she did her very best. She even turned around her spouse as fast as she turned around her own axle so she could always look at her most beautiful side. But this was no longer appreciated. Her spouse only nagged about her own problems like urban pimples and varicose flooded rivers. The ice was melting and the green youth disappeared merciless from her clean surface. Nothing could make the earth happy again.
The moon was very hurt and she wished she had stayed a couple with the Sun, although they still kept in touch.
This being said she was jealous of the two loved stars who became more joyous every day, whilst she was turning around her own orbit.
She called on friends for help and they felt great pity for her. In this way there was made contact via via with Cygnus, the most notorious black hole from all times. He heard what his mission was and refused at first.
“Too much collateral damage. I can’t afford that.”
The moon was furious and send her last message.
“I’ll make room for you! Thereby I offer you my greatest treasure if those two just disappear from my sight!”
That’s what she wanted and that’s what happened. Cygnus started his devastating journey. Soon every star knew what would happen to them if they stayed too close to Ned or Ula. They deviated for them, just like how the moon pulls water back and forth.
Ula was having a hard time. All her star friends left her. She was all on her own, almost alone, because there was he coming closer. Neb. On a midsummer night they came in each other’s earshot. Only little time was left for them, but they had each other.
“Neb! I’m coming!”
“Ula! My sweetheart, hang on!”
“Oh Neb, I’ve been looking forward to this moment, from the first time I saw you radiate!”
“Ula, my most precious star from the whole universe, you are my everything!”
The moon couldn’t bear it and closed her craters. All stars and suns- deeply touched by their love- tried to warn them for the coming danger. Cygnus was there too with a whirlwind and he reached them so fast human kind never even knew, because that was when it happened.
Neb and Ula embraced each other and their glow was stronger than any sun ever. They swore in this close embrace that nothing would tear them apart ever. Their promise was so strong that a fusion took place and they melted together. They became one star, so powerful that thousands of colors were fired into space.
It was the most wonderful thing ever, but nobody ever had the opportunity to admire it. No photo or memory was ever made of the ill-fated couple. They disappeared into nothing. They were devoured by Cygnus.
He got what was promised to him, the moon’s biggest treasures. He disappeared back into his cave and niggardly kept on counting his possessions. The moon could sight in relieve, but soon the guilt crept upon her. Every quantum unit was mourning. The sun refused to shine fort wo days and Pluto hid in a haze of tears. All stars became red from weeping and shame. They should have done something, but what? They made an example from the story of Nebula and swore never to let anything like that happen again.
Human kind on the other hand blinked once with their eyes and gone the two stars were. Ula was gone. Apparently, Neb was too and no explanation was ever found.
Everything had been for nothing? All those lightyears and energy spilled to be with each other. It was sucked up ‘till the last crumble in an infinite black hole.
What nobody knew, not even Juno, was that the two stars weren’t only disappeared, but were also frozen in time. For ever their exited hug was captured to never let go. Their whirlwinds of love lived on in the stomach of Cygnus and sometimes creatures could capture it outside the cave.
In this way they lived long and frozen in time happy ever after.

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