The Last of the Dragons


4. Chapter 4

"Isn't he the one they called the mad one?" Nadia asked.

"Yes, and mad he was." Aidan responded.

"We believed that old age had made him crazy. He thought that everyone was against him and that we were working for man. He...killed his own people over it and forced us to march to man's doors and battle them. We were of ice, and they had fire and somehow we were able to defeat them. We killed the Earl, ascending our leader to his throne, but it wasn't enough for him. Month after month he would send his own people to fight man only die. Perhaps that's what he wanted all along as I mentioned before that he didn't trust us. When man was able to seize and take back the area we stole, our ruler was slaughtered in the middle of it. Man took back their land, wiped out what little that was left of us, and no one really knows who killed our leader."

"Then why did you say your family wished to kill him specifically?" she asked.

"My father told me he raped my mother. They used to be best friends until she got in the middle of it. She died giving birth to me, so I didn't know her personally. My father would always pace around muttering to either me or the skies, 'One day I will kill that bastard'. My father died in the last battle as well. I managed to escape, but I don't know about any others, nor have I heard from them." He explained while continuing to trace circles on her skin.

Nadia had a look of sorrow. She wouldn't know what she'd do if her mother hadn't been with her when they were in hiding. There would be no lullabies, no story telling, no hunting together, no hugs, kisses, or any of the things her mother did when she was eight.

"After that, I've been living off the land, hunting, improving my powers, until I found you."

Nadia ran a hand through his hair in an attempt to comfort and would never admit that she smiled when she heard him purr.

"Have you ever thought of taking the area back? How many soldiers are stationed there?"

"Probably thousands by now." he answered. "And we could never do it by ourselves, not with you being able to shift."

"Who said we had to be dragons to do it? My mother showed me ways dragon shifters could use their powers without shifting."

"I am aware of our breath abilities, but it still won't be enoug-" Aidan then had a brilliant idea. He quickly lifted himself from the furs in happiness.

"Of course, why had I not thought of it before?"

Nadia sat up and gave the boy a confused look.

"Think of what?"

"We sneak inside and kill him! I just need to know how to get to him."

"Seduction." Nadia said automatically.

It was Aidan's turn to look at her in a confused manner.

"I have been a prisoner to an Earl for ten years. What he desired most was food and sex, just like all the other Earl's who visited." she revealed while remembering the way their greasy, food covered hands would touch her.

"Dragon shifters are supposed to be beautiful right? We can both find our way to seduce the Earl, then ultimately kill him."

"It sounds like a plan." Aidan chimed.

"When do we start?"

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