The Last of the Dragons


3. Chapter 3

The light crackle of flames echoed throughout the cave as the rest of the world continued to sleep. The softness from the furs and lulling sound from the fire should put anyone to rest, unfortunately, Nadia is restless. The glowing from the flames was the only thing keeping the cave slightly lit, but the flames bright light were not the problem.

She stares as if a mere flame could give her all the answers to the world. Nadia only looked away when the light was too much for my eyes. It was better than staring at him.

She hardly noticed that she was stroking his dark hair, I wanted to stop but my hands insisted. Nadia despised the way she felt comfort as his head rested against her chest and the way his strong arms wrapped around my bare ,vulnerable body in a protective manner. They weren't supposed to happen, they were never supposed to happen. The contrast of their skin tone reminded Nadia of her place. Her's a golden brown, and his nearly white. Though the tones looked beautiful together, their kind rarely mixed.

She is Nadia Dorne, a Fire Dragon Shifter, the last of her kind, and Aidan, probably the last of his. Whether they were the last or not, it was law that elements could not mix. One reason for rivalry, the other for containing too much power. There were legends told about dragon shifters containing multiple elements. There would be battles to find who would sit on thrones and it would always up the same way, with the deaths of many.

Normal men saw Dragon Shifters as something to contain and control. Dragon shifters are only tools for them to obtain such that power. That was why dragon shifters distanced themselves from man. Unfortunately man became angry. They gained knew wits and technology to capture and kill dragon shifters. From whistles that deafened us, to tight metal ropes to hold us down, we were unable to escape them. They wiped out so many, dragon shifters were forced into hiding and still, there was no place man couldn't find them.

Nadia missed her parents dearly. Her father, Rhaemon used to rule the clan until man defeated him in an attempt to protect her and her mother, Nira. Her clan looked to her mother and she was able to rule successfully, she was the light in dark times. Though she was the light, darkness kept on caving around them. Her clan had to move constantly to get away from man but they were able to catch us. Her clan was so tired from traveling that it was far too easy. Nadia was the only one that appeared to make it out alive.

Nadia was ripped from her thoughts when she felt warm weight lift from her chest. She dared to look down at the boy and cursed herself for her speeding heart rate.

Aidan looked up at her with a smile and ran his hand through her coily locks, loving they way they captured his fingers.

"You're so warm." he began. "I've never been so warm."

"Well you're pretty cold." she retorted.

Aidan couldn't help but chuckle.

"What were you thinking about?"

Nadia gave him a long look, analyzing before letting out a sigh.

"Who are you exactly? How did you get here? Escape even? You just," she swallowed word "took advantage of me with and I know nothing about you." she responded truthfully.

Aidan let out another chuckled and drew traced circles on his skin.

"What do you mean? I saved you remember? I helped you."

Nadia simply glared at him and Aidan let out a defeated sigh.

"Where do I start?"

"Wherever is easiest." she ordered.

Aidan nodded and began to tell his tale.

"My family wished to overthrow our clan leader."

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