The Last of the Dragons


2. Chapter 2

The bitter wind stung her face as the dragon flew out of the soldier's reach. Once his flying became constant, Nadia was able to examine the area. Everything looked different, yet amazing from above. The snow caused the trees to glitter. It was as if the forest had this silent beauty about it. She could see the tiny figures of the King's soldiers as they raced toward where she was last seen, only to be confused by her disappearance. Nadia let out a sigh in relief and stroked the scales of the dragon.

Nadia hopped off the ice dragon when it landed and appeared in front of a cave. She didn't notice the dragon reverted back to the boy as she analyzed the cave. It was simple with a bed of furs and a fire pit. It could be assumed he hasn't been their long.

Nadia's cramps kicked in. Her legs gave out and would have fallen in the snow if the boy hadn't caught her.

"You need to break your heat." he began as he lead her towards the cave.

Nadia shook her head as he rested her up against the furs. "We can't if I mate with you, then we'll be mates for life. Every dragon shifter knows this." she warned.

The boy gave her a sad smile before going to light the fire. "What is every if all of them are gone?"

Nadia tried not to shed tears at the comment. "I take it your kind has disappeared as well?"

The boy nodded as he lit the fire then went back to Nadia.

"We got word that the Fire Dragons had been wiped out, and of course we rejoiced," He smirked. "But we were trying to get ready for the humans because we knew we were next." He sighed looking as if he was reminiscing before grinning at Nadia.

"I never caught your name, mine is Aidan."

"Nadia." she retorted.

"Nadia," he tried, liking the way it sounds.

Aiden pushed closer to Nadia and stroked her cheek.

"I can relieve you of all your pain. I know your body wants me," He stated lowly before trailing a hand up her shirt.

"I want yours." he whispered.

Nadia hated the way her body responded to Aidan. Her hands unconsciously began to feel the boy's skin.

"Aidan." she moaned.

"I like it when you say my name," purred before kissing her.

It was at that moment when Nadia lost control of herself. She never knew kissing, touching someone could feel so good.

He tugged on her from her trousers and she helped him pull them off, her brain was too clouded with heat to think of anything but mating.

Aidan gave her a reassuring kiss before slowly entering her. Nadia's and other female dragon's bodies automatically lubricate themselves during heat, so it was an easy slide in for Aidan.

Nadia couldn't help but gasp at the new pleasure.

"Do I need to go slower?" he growled.

"No, please, keep going." she moaned.

Aidan obeyed and thrusted into her harder every second. Their bodies soon became in sync with each other. The cave echoed with moans in pleasure. Nadia felt something in her body building up."

"Aidan, I feel like I'm going to burst!"

The boy grabbed her hand and tripped tightly.

"Just hold on to me, I have you. It's okay to let go." he groaned as he thrusted harder.

Nadia wasn't able to hold any longer. She caused her head back and screamed ecstasy as her fluids leaked out. Aidan released soon after. Aidan's seed felt so warm inside her. She never wanted to leave from this position.

"Did your heat break?" he panted.

Nadia still felt that her skin was on fire. She lightly rocked her hips against Aidan's length in both pleasure and shame.

"I need more." she whimpered.

Aidan happily obliged and thrusted into her hips even harder.

((More plot in next chapter))

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