The Last of the Dragons


1. Chapter 1

Nadia tried her best to catch my breath as she sprinted through the bitter, freezing woods. Gunshots and shouts echoed through the trees. She tells herself not to think about them, just keep running. Oh how She wishes wish her wings weren't so weak from being chained for so long. For ten years She has been shackled and hung like a trophy for lords and rulers. For ten years she has tried pulling and fighting with all my might. It wasn't until I turned eighteen when I could escape.

She dreaded that age.

The Earl knew female dragonshifters were fertile and ripe at that age. So he waited a decade to have me. I remember him stroking my cheek whispering,

"It'll only be a matter of time my dear. With our children, I could rule all the lands, better than any King."

She managed to escape after he unchained her with all purposes of impregnation. She wrapped her loose chains around him and listened as he choked to ensure he was dying. His guards must have found his body quickly.

The aching cramps from her heat continue to slow me down, but I can't stop. If She does, they will catch her for sure, let alone what else they'll do.

She remembers as a child, the day her whole world crashed and burned. Young Nadia stood in shock as she witnessed men slashing and maiming her people. Nadia's mother kept ordering me to go, but she couldn't move. Nadia only started shifting when the King's soldier started stabbing her mother, but they were able to tie me down and take me as prisoner. Nadia wishes she had not failed her mother and listened.

Being so caught up in her own mind, she failed to notice stray rocks and met the ground with a hard smack. Nadia tried to rise, but her heat cramps were anchoring her.

Soldiers began to surround Nadia and she bowed her head in defeat. Her people were gone and her mother wasn't there to protect her. Just as one of the soldiers was about to grab her, his body fell frozen. She heard shrieks from the other man and lifted her head to find a dragon, pure as the first snow, freezing the men. Some tried to run, but their fates were inevitable. All of them frozen to the point of death. No amount heat would get their heat would bring them back. The Dragon smashed the frozen figures with its teeth to ensure they were all dead. It then, to Nadia's surprise, began to shift.

The human version of this dragon was a beautiful boy, no doubt around her age. His figure perfectly matched the winter woodland scenery. His skin was pale as the snow with slightly pink cheeks. He had hair the color of a raven and icy blue eyes that seemed to pierce into her soul. Eyes that were filled with worry.

The boy dared take a step toward her.

Nadia took a step back in fear.

Ice Dragon Shifters were her kind's mortal enemy. They have been so since the world was created.

"You're in heat," he began as he took another step.

"Please, get away from me." she tried to growl. Her body was telling her begging her to go to him, but she knew she must be stronger.

"It'll only go away if you do something about it." he braves to take for steps.

"Please stop." she groaned.

Her cramps continued to weigh her down. She backed as far as she could until her back hit the side of a tree. The boy was now so close, their faces were only inches away from each other.

"Let me help you." he whispered before pulling her in for a kiss.

Their lips were centimeters apart before both flinched at the sound of a horn. They both gave each other a knowing look. More soldiers were coming and they had to move.

"Can you fly?" the boy ask in all serious.

Nadia shook her head know.

"My wings are still recovering from being chained."

The boy gave her a nod before shifting. His pale skinned paled even more before it was white, wing sprouted gracefully from his back and before she knew it, the boy was a dragon once more. He gestured her to climb on his back and she followed.

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