Avia Snape

Proffessor Snape is our 'stereotypical' bad guy...but what if he had a reason, a family......A story. This Story...


1. Me and Lily- The Beginning

Her head turned towards me. I quickly hid my face behind the bush. My stupid ugly, greasy face. 

'Petunia! Come here!' She said, her soft voice echoing in my ears.

'What.' The girl called Petunia said flatly. She came out of the glass door, hair in knots. Petunia wasn't particularly pretty. well not to me anyway. But Lily was beautiful. Long strawberry blonde hair that cascaded over her face in a complimenting waterfall.

 'Come here and look. Watch this.'

Lily closed her pure baby blue-grey eyes. Slowly and gracefully putting her hands in front of her, she suddenly opened her eyes, her lips and fists as tight as she could get them. She then took a leap forward in front of the hedge as if pushing an invisible wall, the hedge burst into a million rainbow flames, leaving Petunia in a shocked state and near tears.

'Petunia! Come back! Wait, what did I do? Petunia!' said Lily. Her head drooped as her eyes settled back onto the bush that had appeared to be untouched.

'She won't come back you know.' I said, emerging from my hiding place. I rested my chin on the top of the wooden fence.

'What?' she said her head, turning towards me. She looked up at me with those stormy eyes. Those beautiful stormy eyes, that glared and me with confusion and curiosity.

'She's not like us.' I said.

'What do you mean she's not like us?'  She replied fiercely.

'I mean that I can do that too.' I said. And from there on out, to the dislike of Petunia, Lily and I were best friends.


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