How We Deal With Gravity

Canada "Pixie" Wright is anything but normal. She's crazy, messed up, alone, good girl, smart, weird, and haunted Canada Wright. She's not really noticed. Not because she's invisible. Simply because she has no interest in "being" noticed.

But then Luke Hemmings comes. And her life is flipped upside down. And she has this burning pain in her heart. And she's asking, BEGGING, Gravity to let her fly away. And she doesn't understand how it doesn't understand that she doesn't WANT to fall.

But, maybe Gravity is helping us all by letting us fall. Because we all need to experience first love...

Luke wants to love her. And Canada doesn't understand how he does. She's never been loved. Not even by her own mother. Throughout Luke and Canada's journey of just making it through life and college, they fall in love, have a few laughs, and they learn how to deal with Gravity.


1. Pixie

I sleepily pick up my ringing phone, cursing whoever was calling me this late into the night. "Hello?!", I snap. Now that I've been woken up, I probably won't get back to sleep. That's the way the Ambien works: Once I'm woken up, I can't fall back asleep. I can only take one pill every night.

"Is this Canada Wright?", a chirpy Australian voice asks. I groggily sit up.

"Yes? Who is this?", I question. Who's up at three a.m. anyway?

"Oh! Right! I'm Luke Hemmings. Your new roommate? The office had given me your number to call when I got here.", the voice says.

"Shit", I mumble,"I'll be right down." I forgot my new "roommate" was coming late tonight. I throw my blonde hair into a bun, curls going everywhere. Why is so goddamn curly?! I put on my glasses and shuffle down the stairs.

I grumble about stupid roommates as I make my way to the door.

I open it.

I'm met with a pair of smiling blue eyes.


I stare aimlessly at the perfection before me. He has blonde hair, piled into a quiff, dazzling blue eyes, filled with life, and perfectly pink lips. Oh. My. God. He. Has. A. Lip. Ring. Kill. Me. Now.

"Hi! Sorry to wake you this early! I'm Luke!", he cheers. I can't help but smile at his happiness.

"Hi...uh...I'm...uh...", I stutter. What's my name again? Come on! My name! Oh! I remember! "I'm Canada. me...uh... Pixie.", I choke out. He actually knows I'm here? He sees me? Wow.

Luke chuckles at my akwardness. "I'm Lucas. But you can call me Luke.". He winks. "Or Hottie." I go wide eyed. I blush. Please don't tell me he noticed me noticing him.

"Hi,Luke.", I whisper. He laughs. I blush and move out of the way so he can come in. I have a guy roommate? Oh, god. "'re room is the second on the left. That's the one with an extra closet.", I whisper. He nods.

"This place is huge.", he comments. I nod. "If you get scared tonight, just come to me.", he jokes and winks. I shake my head. Heading up to my room, I feel a hand on mine. I turn to come face to face with Luke. "Goodnight...Pixie."

I smile slightly. "Goodnight...Luke." I walk into my room, shutting the door. The feeling of his skin on mine lingers.


I yawn and shut my alarm off, which has been blasting "Damned If I Do Ya", by All Time Low. I lazily throw on a GreenDay shirt and black skinny jeans, pulling my hair into a bun. I grab my phone and head downstairs, smelling pancakes.

Luke is in the kitchen, shirtless, standing over the stove. "Hi.", I whisper. He turns, flashing an award winning smile.

"Well hiya, Pixie. Sleep okay?", he asks. I shrug. "Not much of a talker? I like it.", he says. Luke places a plate of chocolate pancakes in front of me. I smile and mumble a thank you.

"So, since it's Saturday, I was wondering if you wanted to show me around?", he asks, biting his lip ring and scratching the back of his neck. I smile and nod.

"I'd love to.", I say. He gives me a wide grin and sits beside me, taking a bite of his food. I can show him the different shops around town, and I can show him the campus, and the lake, and the mall, and Pizza Lives, the pizza joint that everyone- not me - goes to study.

I take a bite of syrup drenched pancake and chew happily. I like this.


After Luke put a shirt on, which we, well HE, argued about, we headed out. I walk beside him as he talks about coming from Australia. From what I've heard, he had a pretty interesting life.

He had two brothers, Ben and Jack, who were his biggest inspiration to follow his dream: becoming a rock star with his best mates: Calum, Ashton, and Michael, in their band: 5 Seconds Of Summer. His mom, Liz, has supported this dream. His dad left them when he was just a kid, like me. He seemed really happy with his life. Why'd he move here?

"To make my dream come true.", he says randomly. I frown, confused. "You asked me why I moved here.", he explains.

"I...thinking out loud.", I whisper. He chuckles.

"My mates are already here. Were meeting up tonight at a party. Would to...uh...go?", he asks, stuttering even more than me. I shake my head. I don't do parties.

"Okay. S-sorry.", he apologizes. I shrug. I've gotta start talking more. "You do. Talk more."

Goddamn thinking out loud! I swear, one day, I'll be thinking about sex or something and I'll say something completely stupid, like how Josh and I weren't very good at it. I stiffen as I think of him. He's not here. He's in a hospital bed. Unable to move, talk, or do anything for that matter.

"PIXIE!", I hear Luke yell, hinting that he's called my name more than once. I look up at his blue eyes.

"Huh?", I whisper. He smiles goofily.

"Ice cream?", he begs. I notice were right in front of the parlor, Ice Scream. I shrug and he grabs my hand, pulling me in. I snatch my hand away quickly. "Sorry.", Luke says, looking at my contorted face. I dismiss it with a wave of my hand. We sit at a booth. A waitress approaches us.

The waitress asks Luke what he'd like, winking and unbuttoning her shirt. I stare at Luke. He looks like he's trying not to laugh. "Uh... I'll take Cookies N' Creme and she'll have...?", he says, turning to me.

"Same.", I whisper.

"Same.", Luke repeats to the girl. She nods and sashays off to fill in our orders, swinging her hips a little more than necessary. Luke bursts out laughing as soon as she leaves, his face turning bright red from lack of oxegyn.

"Breathe.", I remind him. He nods and calms, people now starring at us.

"That was hilarious.", he giggles. I nod, agreeing. We talk a little more about his life. "What about you? What's your story?", he asks.

"Don't have one.", I say simply. He shakes his head.

"Nope. No way. Everyone's got a story. Some weirder than others but...still.", he says. I sigh. My story was too complicated. It involved way too much. So, I'll tell him my fake yet real one. This might be the most I've ever said to anyone.

"My father left when I was still in the womb, my mother hates me, my best friend isn't here, I moved here to get away from my past, I'm an only child, my dream, however so little, I want to become a dancer, my mom doesn't support this, and I didn't have a happy life before this.", I ramble. The words come out of my mouth with no emotion. Probably because I've told it so many times. He stares.

"Okay. I know there's more. But, okay.", he says. The waitress comes back with our orders, saving me from more akwardness. She sets Luke's down, handing him a slip of paper. She scoots her skirt up a lot.

"Honey, this isn't Hooters.", I mutter under my breath. She snaps her head in my direction. She heard. I smile warmly. Please don't yell.

She slams the ice cream down. It flies into her face, making her scream. Luke's laughing his ass off, and people around us are starring. The waitress stomps back into the kitchen, giving Luke one more wink. I laugh a little.

I see the piece if paper is still there. I pick it up, and immediately start to giggle. Luke picks it up and starts to blush. It's the waitress' phone number, with a picture of her. In nothing but underwear! Luke gestures for me to follow him out.

We walk out,I, still giggling. Luke leads me through the streets, almost as If he knows where to go.

"So, are you gonna call her?", I ask. He shrugs.

"I don't know. I might.", he says. I stare at him in shock. "What? I don't see anybody knocking on my door for a date.", he says. I scoff.

"I would.", I mumble. He doesn't hear it. He keeps guiding me through the crowded streets.


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