How We Deal With Gravity

Canada "Pixie" Wright is anything but normal. She's crazy, messed up, alone, good girl, smart, weird, and haunted Canada Wright. She's not really noticed. Not because she's invisible. Simply because she has no interest in "being" noticed.

But then Luke Hemmings comes. And her life is flipped upside down. And she has this burning pain in her heart. And she's asking, BEGGING, Gravity to let her fly away. And she doesn't understand how it doesn't understand that she doesn't WANT to fall.

But, maybe Gravity is helping us all by letting us fall. Because we all need to experience first love...

Luke wants to love her. And Canada doesn't understand how he does. She's never been loved. Not even by her own mother. Throughout Luke and Canada's journey of just making it through life and college, they fall in love, have a few laughs, and they learn how to deal with Gravity.


2. Luke

I lead her back to the apartment. It's nearly six. We spent a long time walking and talking. I have a party to be at.

She was beautiful. Too beautiful, at that. Her hair was blonde and curly, her big, green eyes didn't help the situation either. She was perfect. The way her lips puffed out every time she frowned. The way her eyes twinkled when she laughed, but not shining as bright as they should, like there was unhappiness in that shine, but there was more twinkle to cover that up. The way her laugh was like music. She was too perfect.


"Here we are.", I say, opening the door. She smiles and mumbles a thank you. She doesn't talk much. There's a story behind that. "Um... I'll be back at around...three? Are you sure you don't wanna come? I'll be there. You can stay with me instead of staying home alone.", I offer.

"No. No parties.", she murmurs. I nod and walk up the stairs beside her. "Sorry.", she says.

"No, it's okay. Parties aren't for everyone.", I say. She gives a small smile at the top of the stairs and heads off to her room.

I walk into mine, grabbing the clothes on my bed. After dressing, I text Ashton.

Me: Planning on getting drunk tonight?

He texts back seconds later.

Ashton: You know it. So, how's that roommate of yours? Bang her yet?

I frown in disapproval. Everyone knew I wasn't the type to have a one night stand with a girl and leave her in the wake of my ice cold heart. Ashton and Calum were really the ones to do that. Mikey was more of a "true love" type. It was weird how we were friends. Were all crazy, so that's a plus.

Me: Not funny. She's a nice girl. I'd never do that.

Ashton: Anymore.

That last text hurts like a stab to the chest. It feels like I'm back in the past. She was gone. I did some things I'm not entirely proud of. I'm done with that.

I pocket my phone and ignore the beeping coming from it, knowing its Ashton again. I walk out and close the door behind me. Pixie's standing at the top, starring down. "Hey.", I say.

She backs against the wall, breathing heavily. Her eyes are wide in fear. "Holy duck! You scarred the sh-",she yells before I lay a hand on her shoulder. She stiffens at my touch, so I pull my hand away.

"Sorry." She smiles a little and moves herself from the wall. I shuffle down the stairs and sit on the couch, turning the television on. "When I get home...if you're still awake, there's marathon. It features a bunch of comedies.", I offer. She nods, giggling. I love her laugh.

"I'd like that. I'll wait up.", she whispers. I laugh, too.

"Okay. I really wish we could watch it from the start, but...". She nods, shrugging.

"Party. You have to go.", she says. I nod. That's what all of this seems like: a series of laughs, smiles, nods, and occasional small talk.

She sits beside me, her hands resting in her lap. I look over at her. She's focused on the movie. She has a smile plastered on her face, giggling about whatever the movie is going on about. She looked happy. But, sadly to say, she wasn't always that way.

"Alright. I gotta go.", I say, noticing the time. She nods and he's up and goes to the kitchen. I head for the door. Pixie looks over at me and smiles. I give her a dimpled grin and wave. She waves back.

"See you at three.", she whispers before I walk out the door.


I make my way through the sea of bodies at the frat house. I smell booze, making me want to hurl up everything I've eaten today. Even the thought of that sickens me now. I need to find the guys. Where could they be...

"LUKE! OVER HERE! COME ON!", I hear a very drunk Cal yell. I smile and laugh. He's sitting on a couch. Mikey and Ashton are right beside him, a beer in hand. I push my way through, stopping in front of them.

"Hey.", I say, giving Cal a high five. He grins like a dork. He's drunk. Mikey and Ash nod at me, Mikey taking another swig from his bottle. "So, when's the next band rehearsal?", I question. They shrug. I nod.

I turn to talk to Cal, but he's not here. I look around aimlessly, but I don't find him. "Cal?!", I call. Nope. I groan. Please let him not be upstairs having sex with some random chic.

"LUKE! HEY BUDDY!", I hear his voice yell. I whip around. Cal is staggering across the porch, a full cup in hand. I frown. His eyes are bloodshot and look crazy.

"What happened?", I ask over the roar. He laughs.

"You have a black thing on your lip. Did you know that?", he asks. Dear god, what has happened to this boy?

"What happened?", I demand again. He hugs me.

"Well, this guy came up to me and offered me a brownie. And it smelled so good. So I took one."

"One?", I ask. He nods. I give him a stern look.

"Okay! I took ten. But they were so good. That guy sells them around campus to anybody with cash.", Cal slurs. Great, he's drunk AND high. This is perfect. I turn to Michael, knowing he's not that drunk.

"Get him home safe?", I beg. He smiles and nods.

"Of course. And hey! Come over sometime. We miss you man.", he says. I hand Cal to him and walk down the porch. I've had enough party for one night. I know if I end up drinking, I'll end up in some girl's bed. And I don't need that. Not now. Not ever.


I open the door and step inside. It's dark, the only light coming from the T.V. I stalk over to the couch, making sure to be quiet. Pixie's there, watching another comedy. SHE watched it from the beginning.

"Hey.", she says. I frown. How in the hell did she hear me?

"Hey. What movies this?", I ask, jumping over the couch to sit. She laughs.

"Grown Ups Two.", she whispers. I nod. She yawns a little.

"How long have you been up?", I ask. She shrugs. "Come on, Pixie."

She sighs. "All night. I wanted to watch the marathon.", she whines. I giggle at her childish tone. I nod. She asks how the party went.

"Okay. My best friend got drunk and high, I don't know how long I'll have to wait for another band meeting, and my other best friends decided to drink also.", I sum up. She laughs.

"Gotta love drunk idiots.", she jokes. I laugh and focus on the movie.

I liked this. How we could be ourselves around each other even though we just met. How we could share a laugh. How she could talk around me more. How I felt like I could share the world with her, and she would keep it a secret. Just between us.

She starts to shiver.

"Come on.", I say, lifting my arms up. She stares at them.

"Huh?", she asks.

"You're cold. Come on.", I say. She shakes her head.

"No I'm not. I'm ok.", she whispers.

I roll my eyes, a little irritated she's not going with my plan to just hold her a little while. "Bullshit. You're cold. Come on. It's not like we're sleeping together.", I say. She murmurs something about not liking to be touched and scoots over.

I wrap my arms around her, her body stiff. I rub her arm and smile. After a few minutes, she relaxes under my touch. Pixie sighs happily, making me smile. I like this.

I massage her scalp with the pads of my fingers and she moans a little. "Sorry.", I say, taking my hands away.

"NO! PUT IT BACK! Sorry. Sorry. Just put it back, please.", she screams, calming at the end. I chuckle and place my hand back, continuing my motions. "Look. Blood Sucks.", she says, rendering to the movie on. I nod.

I watch a little, not really understanding all of this vampire and werewolf stuff. Why girls liked this? No clue. Pixie's breathing slows, and her eyes close. I smile and lay my chin on top of her head. I fall sound asleep with Pixie lying in my arms.


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