The Odd Life of Zelda Edwards

Nick Burkhardt love story || Zelda grew up in a facility for the mentally ill because when she was 7 years old she saw a mans face change and she couldn't explain it. Worst of all this same man killed her parents and she couldn't explain how he did it because he changed into a sort of monkey or something with a weird tail. Or, so she remembered. So, when they couldn't figure out what was wrong they locked her up. Once she turned 18 they let her out and she believed that maybe the crazy was over and she'd finally grown up from thinking she saw peoples faces change. She was wrong, more and more times in public she kept seeing them. She couldn't explain it. She decided to leave her hometown and move to Portland, Oregon. She'd gotten an apartment in the city and started not looking at anyone anymore, in fear of seeing something. Now that she's 21 she's about to encounter the faces again. ( Takes place around season 2 of Grimm )


1. i. intro

"Hello, again." The voices said, coming from the black in the back of the room. Young Zelda sat on her bed, her stuffed toy that looked like a werewolf wearing a small axesman suit in her arms. She stared into the darkness not able to move and just holding the little toy. 

A man appeared from the darkness, his face appeared to look like a snake but his body was normal. She couldn't scream or move, or anything. She could only stare at him. When he approached her he leaned down and placed a hand against against her cheek and clawed it and then laughed in the form of a hiss.

I opened my eyes and placed a hand against my cheek, sitting up and looking at my clock that read 9:15 am. It was time I got up so I did. I followed my routine and then decided to go venture into Portland. It wouldn't be the best idea to dwell on the dream and maybe I could stop by a corner store and pick up some medication to help knock me out and cause me not to dream. 

I slipped on a jacket and headed outside, making my way into the deep parts of Portland. As I walked she stumbled upon a small shop that had to do with spices and teas. I assumed they would have a more natural way of knocking me out and the sign said open so I walked inside. It was exactly what I expected it to be. It smelled of different types of herbs and spices, which surprising was nice. The area looked organized and nice, which gave off a warm feeling.

While I looked around I couldn't help but pick a few things up and smell them, coughing more times than not. When I got to a certain point a women walked up and asked if I needed help. I nodded and then my mind went blank and I couldn't remember what I wanted. I stared at her for a moment and then smiled a bit, "Yeah, sorry. Do you have anything to help with nightmares? I know it's weird but, I just want to be able to sleep without waking up from some strange nightmare." She nodded as I spoke and then smiled.

"I have just thing..." She said, walking a little more towards the inside of the store and grabbing a bottle. "How much would you like?" She asked, walking to the counter and opening another container to put some of the powder into.

"A weeks worth should be fine, I mean, if you know the measurements." God I was so awkward and I knew she could tell.

She smiled a bit at me and then poured some of the powder into the container, "You'll want to add a pinch or two to about a cup of water, stir it together and then you'll want to drink. But, you have to do this right before bed." I nodded and pulled out my wallet and then said, "No, you don't have to pay. If this works you can come back and buy more, but for now it's free."

I stared at her and then smiled a little, "Really? I mean, I have money I can pay-" She shook her head at me and held out the container. I smiled a little more and went to grab the container and that's when her face changed. She looked weird, she had fur, pointed ears and I didn't know what she was and I screamed, dropping the container and backing away from her. 

Next thing I knew a man ran out from the back asking if the women, who I now knew was called Rosalee, was okay. His face was changed as well but it was scarier than hers and I covered my eyes, "Please don't kill me!" I screamed. I couldn't move, I just covered my eyes. Maybe I was just having a melt down. Maybe this poor women was trying to be nice and now thought I was crazy.

After a minute the women came up and grabbed my hand, pulling them away from my face. She was changed back into her normal person and I was so confused, and the man who ran out was back to normal as well. 

"Sweety, are you alright?" She asked.

I didn't know how to answer, because I didn't know if I was alright. I was crazy, I knew that much but then the women asked, "Do you know what we are?" 

What are you?

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