At what point in life does one simply forget? Most people can remember what they did from the day they first learned to speak to their current life. Most forget everything as soon as they turn the right age. But there has never been anyone to forget events as soon as they happened. Until now. Asuka is a child of the future. He never remembers anything from the past, but he knows everything that happens in the future. He understands that, but he wishes he was able to remember. Until now. Powers of the unnatural clash into one.


1. Future Sight

I stared ahead at my teacher who stared back at me. His dark hair fell in his face, but he refused to remove it. He sighed finally and looked away from me to the next student and asked the same question. This was supposed to be something easy as we had gone over it a million times, as I hear. But for me, that was something that I was incapable of understanding as I see that I forget everything after it happens. This incident will have disappeared from my memories as of tomorrow. I can see events of the future and remember them as though they happened yesterday, but as for the events happening as of yesterday, they disappear as soon as midnight ticks. 

"Ayame, please help Asuto review." I saw it. I remembered that Ayame was at my house and she was going over everything with me. I sat there listening and taking notes when my mom came knocking at my bedroom door. She said that she brought us cookies and I got up to open the door. When I did, she smiled and handed me the tray of snacks, peaked into the room winking at Ayame and left.I closed the door and went back. Ayame smiled and went back to going over things. She asked me a few questions and asked if I had some questions. I did and asked her. When we stopped and she packed up, I offered her some of the cookies. She and I ate and talked. She asked me questions regarding my memory, but I had nothing to tell her. She smiled softly as though she understood. I knew she couldn't have because no one would understand. I could remember the future as though it had happened when it never did. I never told anyone of this, but the only ones who did know were my older brother and mom. They knew of this before I did even. I didn't have to explain it to them. 

My brother disappeared two years ago and hasn't been found. I was very sad when he vanished. I spent hours and hours crying. I wanted to be with him as we always had been. I wanted to sleep together with him again like we used to. I sometimes snuck into his room and slept in his bed waiting for him to come back. When I couldn't see him in the future and I couldn't relax knowing of this. I eventually stopped going into his room and spent nights crying in my room cold and having nightmares. The nightmares, of course, were of the future. I felt alone. I felt helpless. I realized soon of how much I had come to depend on him. Mom avoided talking about my brother and father, Whenever I asked, she would change the subject. The reason why I remembered the past of things related to my brother, I have no idea. Whenever I think about him, I remember things about him. My mom was a different story. I could remember things from her, but they were kinda hazy and I had to think harder in order to remember. It was hard, but I tried many times and finally was able to. I don't try to remember anyone else anymore, because its a waste of time.

I raised my hand and asked if I could take the exam today while I had the information in my head. The teacher gave me a weird look and I felt every eye in the class turn to look at me. I remained my face in a calm state and didn't try to change my request. 

"Are you sure, Asuto? You don't seem to know much about it..."

"Yes. I'm going to study with Ayame, but I'm going to forget the information before the test. I would like to take it early  because the information is fresh in my mind." There is also the fact that being male means I have to try and show off, but that's not my way. I don't like to show off.

"Well... alright. Come to me after class." And with that, he went back to teaching. I half listened and half didn't while I looked out the window. The school is build under a huge Sakura tree. I don't know much about it. While staring into the distance, I thought I saw a familiar figure, but it vanished before I had a chance to look at it closely. I strained my ears as I heard someone say my name behind me. I listened to their conversation and surely enough, they were talking about me. I sighed and strained my ears away. I couldn't help the fact that I was different from everyone else. 

The bell rang later and I stayed behind and got the test from the teacher. Looking at the test, all memory of my results didn't show up. That was good because I wanted to know after I took it. I sighed and went back to my desk and started the test. 

It didn't take long before I was finished and was heading home. On the way home, a gust of wind blew blowing my hair into my face. The wind then vanished just as suddenly as it had appeared. I blinked and continued walking home.

"Ah Asu-chan, You have a guest," mom said as soon as I stepped through the door. She smiled at me her face completely red. I wondered who it could be and why her face was so red.

"Who is it?"

"Hmm... well, go to your room and find out." 

I shrugged and went up the stairs to my room. Each step I took, I felt my body becoming heavily loose. That was strange. When I opened the door, I was greeted by the scent of roses and honey. I stopped in the doorway and stared at the person sleeping in my bed. Their skin was pure white as though no light had ever touched it, their lips were red as ruby rose and they had just a black tube top on and short shorts. I slowly went into my room and looked at their face. It was as white as milk and their eyelashes were long and slender. I wondered if they were male or female, 'cause I really couldn't tell. 

I stared down and then stepped back as they began to wake up.

"Morning, Asu-chan." They looked at me with reddish purple eyes. They smiled and I saw two tooth points poke out of their lips.

"Who are you?" I asked. I had a  strong sensation that I'd met them before. They didn't give me an answer. They just smiled.

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