Nefelibata, the cloud walker. They have their heads up in the clouds, not really worrying about anything. At least, that is what they appear to look like to the people that surround them. I guess they always say there is a calm before the storm.

This is unedited, and for the pure joy of free style writing.


1. The Cloud Walker - Prologue

We all have that one kid that changes over the summer. In most case scenarios, they suddenly become hotter, or join the dark side. We all go through that one phase, where we just need change. Some might be more noticeable than others, whether it is wearing more make up, or changing your style of clothing. You know that you really changed when people can't even recognize you. She was one of those kids. One month, she was the person just sitting across from you in English class, funky hair colour, brilliant eyes, anticipating success. The next, everything changes.


I'll tell you about the first time I saw her. It was the school dance, welcoming all freshmen to their first year of "hell", as I like to call it. That is my secret code word for school, just in case you didn't pick up on it. She was standing by a wall, swaying to the beat of the music, all alone. As hard as it was to see her past the drunken kids dancing, flashing light and booming music making it hard to concentrate, you can tell she was the kind of person that light up a room with just a smile. No wait, that sounds too cheesy and generic. Her short hair and cute dress complimented her short, compelling appearance. At the time I was too shy to come up to her, and figures, I still am. That was really the first time I noticed her, her existence, another mind with a constant voice replaying everything in her head. Another human being added to the list of people I wish I could get to know. 


The best kind of people are the ones that aren't afraid of change. Change is something that gets everyone's attention. The kind that makes people point figures at you in the halls, turn heads and make them whisper under their breath. These people are the brave people. 

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