Ashley and Ash have a brother and sister complex. They love each other more than a brother and sister usually love each other and they have had a manual relationship ever since they were adopted into the Livingston family when their parents abandoned them. When two new students, Lance and Layla suddenly show up, Ashley starts having a bit of a crush on Lance while Ash does the same with Layla. Ashley and Ash then start to wonder if their relationship with each other will last long with each liking someone else.


1. Ashley

Ash and I get along very well. We've been through the same situations I think that's why. When we were just two years old, our parents got a divorce. Our mother unable to take care of us and unable to take us to our father since he didn't even want us, she abandoned us at an orphanage. Ash and I never really forgave her for that, but we understood.

It was about two months after we were administered into the orphanage that we were told we were getting adopted. At first, the thought of us having to be maybe to separate was horrible, I started to cry and Ash started screaming hateful words at the manager.

It wasn't nearly two hours later that we discovered that we were going to adopted together. That calmed us down and Ash and I had to say our apologies to the manager of the orphanage for our bizarre reaction.

In some way, whenever I think about that time, I always think that Ash and I share an incredible connection to each other that most brothers and sisters don't have with each other. And I'm glad, because I love my big brother (by just two minutes) with my heart.

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