Detective PewDiePie

One year after the 'accident' that happened at Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla's sleepover, something similar happens in London, England. This time, it's Dan Howell and Phil Lester who got attacked. But detective PewDiePie knows too well that it's not just some coincidence. It's back.


1. Detective PewDiePie

I had just arrived at Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester's villa, in London, England, where it happened again. That horrible thing was back one year after a Mexican man and a hot lolita were murdered at Mr. Hecox and Mr. Padilla's house, in Sacramento, California. 


Once I got inside, policemen were everywhere. But what got my attention was a woman dressed in pyjamas sitting on the couch. 


I seized this opportunity and walked toward the lady. Damn, this chick was wearing way too much perfume, but I couldn't care less. I grabbed the waitress' arm and said: "Hello? It's Pewds. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to... brofist?"


Suddenly, someone - more like something - barged into the room and exclaimed: "I'm gonna molest you!" 


It was it. The hideous monster was standing in front of us, smirking. I gulpped, petrified. 


"Molester Moon," I mumbled to myself. 


"It's me, bitch." He grinned.


"What do you want?" I dared to ask.


"Your Swedish balls," the moon answered.


(Hey, koala friends! My English teacher gave us a theme we had to write on and mine was on a detective. Here's the result of my imagination, so I hope you enjoy this short story as much as my teacher probably will. XD I love you, xx)

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