Fifty Shades Of Malik

Rosie (Gigi) met Zayn Malik in Slave Auction, where 20 to 30 years old women will doing with lots of men, but Rosie is 19 years old.

A lot of the young girl who is 19 years will be there.

She's with her mum in Slave Auction, and they order that she has to.

Let find out!


4. Chap #4

Chapter 4



When I see Zayn's face, I was shocked, and I look around the men who fight over me as they punch Zayn's face.

What does he doing here?

When I was about to look up to see Zayn's face with my teary eyes but Zac grabs my arm by feeling pain, and a person grabs my other arm.

I whine in pain.


Whoever is it, will get a slap on the face.

"Let her go!" That sound like Ashton Irwin.

I stopped to struggle to let my other arm go by his grip because I was shocked to hear this. He was my best friend in the past.

What does he doing here?

I was about to turn around to see my only best friend, Ashton, but Zac dragged me out of here and grabbed my other arm.

Fuck it!

I whine in pain.

"Sh..." Zac shushes me softly.

I whimper wild as he puts his hand in my mouth and the other of his hand is holding the gun, keep it on my waist.

I can hear his shocked sound, and he steps backwards.


I'm too way young!

"No! I'm not leaving without her! Are you going to killing her?!" Ashton asks.

Everything, except for violence sound around Zayn, went silence between us but Zac breaks it down slowly as he laughs and shakes his head as he put it down. 

"I can't let her die! Too young!" He says as to look down on my head and I look up at his face quickly as he forces me.

I grunt when he turns me around to see my mum as she runs toward me and he holds his gun in his hand to point at my mum.

Oh, my god!

She stops to stand there in front of me and then I hear the cocking sound comes from Zac's gun.

"No!" I mutter under my breath because of his hand; he still put it into my mouth.

I start to struggle to try to let his hand as I cried so much and then he throws me off onto the ground from the stage. 

I heard the shot sound, and I was shocked to hear this. 


That sound like my mother that I cared...

I don't want to see someone like my mum, who had hurt.

"Baby Doll! NO!" I heard that was Zayn's voice, the one who bid on me.

I sit up to see the blood through my mum's chest as I sob and then I was about to crawl toward my death mother, but someone gets me by pulling my hairs up.

I whine in pain, and then this person put the gun as I can smell of the man perfume, it called Boss.

I can feel the weapon that he holds it on my waist and with that, he turns me around to see his dramatically face as he saw me crying.

"That's what the 'Mum's Thing' is, GiGi. Understand?!" That was Mr Efron raise his voice.

I nod as understanding after I hear the cocking sound comes from his gun and he put it down as he throws me on the ground.

I was crying, brawl it out, and I turn my head to see him with my sad expression as he put his gun toward Zayn's heart.

I follow what a gun pointed at and see him fight to the guys. 


I won't let him!

I force to standing up, and I run to push the gun toward the wrong guy.


"Dad!" I shout out to him.

The person that I hurt is my dad.

When he comes to enter the slave auction, I look up to see my dad with his sad smile, and he gives me a mouth 'I finally found you' as I was crying.

"We're sorry for your Daddy! Oh, no!" Mr Efron mocks.

After he mocks me, he starts to laugh, not mention to be the devil, more than this Devil laughing, wickedly laugh and when I look up at him as I whimper like a whimper as he walked toward where I was laying down on the floor.

With that, I drag by the hand of Zac Efron's and pull me toward where Zayn's hold by Zac's men.

"With this girl, take the fucking hair with you, and I release you both!" He orders while he shouts.

I didn't look at Zayn's face as I was embarrassed and I look on the floor. 

My makeup was run down on my cheek bones by crying, and my dress was messy.

I sigh sadly, and I start to sob quietly as I prepare for him to take my hairs.


Zayn pauses to looks at me with softening face as I look at him and before he turns away from my face to see Zac with his angry face, he eyes down on the floor.

Of course, I was confused.

Why did his eyes look down on the floor or something fell with my dress, is it right? 

"No?" He questioned.

He blends down as Zayn still is on the floor and throws me away on the floor.

I weakly sit up and look up at their conversation.

Why did this man hate Zayn so much?

"That's right! You hear me. How fucking dare you touch her beautiful hairs and throw her on the floor?" Zayn smiles.

That wasn't a friendly smile, not that's why I care and...

Since when did he care about me?

All of sudden, I was dizzy and what I saw is the room's spinning around the world.

Why am I dizzy?

I look down on what he eyed earlier and saw a drop of blood on my right leg.

Oh, right!

That's why...

I sigh sadly, and I was laying down on the floor as my eyes went heavily, deep unconsciousness slowly.

Then, I picked up by a random guy and went into the car.

I can't see anything...

It was blurred. 

"Rosie! I need you to stay awake! Listen to me! We're going to take you to the hospital!" That was Zayn's voice.

Why wouldn't I?

Who's 'we'?

I close my eyes when Zayn touch my hairs so gently, and I open my eyes as he looks so cold outside of his face in blurred.

Are my back on his lap?

"Zayn?" I call his name so softly.

"Zayn?" I whisper.


My eyes went shut, and I went to sleep on his lap.

"Rosie!" Zayn calls.

Why wouldn't I stay awake for him?

It's all my fault!

First, Mum dead and then now Dad died

Maybe I'm going to die when I arrived at the hospital.

Then, I saw the light and I pry my eyes to open slowly as I move my head a little.

"Where am I?" I moan.

"You're okay, and you're safe on his sake." That sound my best friend, Ashton's voice.

My vision return to normal and I look around to see the car as it does sound like a taxi after all.



I'm supposed to be dying!

I look around to spot the black blocked window as I was confused and I look down on my right leg as it was taken care of the cast.

Well, Zayn's pay for it.

"He's not here." That still sound like Ashton.

Again, why didn't he calls 'his' name?

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