Fifty Shades Of Malik

Rosie (Gigi) met Zayn Malik in Slave Auction, where 20 to 30 years old women will doing with lots of men, but Rosie is 19 years old.

A lot of the young girl who is 19 years will be there.

She's with her mum in Slave Auction, and they order that she has to.

Let find out!


3. Chap #3

Chapter 3


???'s P.O.V

I walk inside the Slave Auction, and I sit down back as I set my cigarette and lighter on the table.

What the fuck?!

The loud music burst into my ears when I walk in.

I sigh sadly.

I want to Perrie take it back to be married to me.

But I can't do it because of this; she calls it off.

So, I started to arrive here about recently, I love it because of the lady, Baby Doll, she fucking reminds me of Perrie, and want to take her to my house but I can't, because of her age, she's 40 years old.


She told me!

"Zayn!" That was Baby Doll calls out to me.

I look up at her beautiful face, and I reaches her thin cheek.

She looks so younger!

I guess the doctor worked it out for Baby Doll.

"Wow! I never thought that you were so younger or beautiful!" I shout through the loud music from her ear.

She gives me an adorable smile with her blush on her cheek, and I chuckle a little.

How cute is she?

What the fuck?!

She's the prettiest of the girls!

I sigh dreamily.

Oh, yeah!

Speaking of girls...

"How many younger girls do they kidnapped by this week?!" I continue to shout.

With that, Baby Doll seems odd and strange.

She looks like she never thought that I never ask her this question.


I had seen that face before!

She just avoids my serious face, and I was confused as I was serious at the same time.

I just want to know why did she avoid...

I was about to ask her what's wrong but she cut me off, and she sits on my lap!

"I don't know!" She replies through the loud music from my ears.

I could see that face's lying, but I take it...

What the hell, no!

It's not a big deal, right!

"Okay!" That's all I say.

I can't think what to say to her!

The loud music has stopped.

I was about to say something, but someone interrupts me, and it was my good friend, Zac Efron, want to say something.

"I want to thank you for coming here, and I would like to welcome the ladies who want to be bid by you..." He pauses as he gives me an evil smile.

I was confused.

He seems odd!

I just got here! 

"Please welcome, Slave Girls!" He continues to call the girls.

I sigh annoyingly.

Obviously, how cleave he is?

Fuck him!

Trying to sell them?

Until a red girl-look-like-younger catch my own eyes.

Who is she?

With that, Baby Doll stands up quickly, and she looks shocked.

She mutters something that I don't understand.

"What's wrong?" I ask as I stand up.

Zac looks surprised when a red girl-look-like-younger comes in to pay me an attention and I were confused.

What the fuck is going on?!

Baby Doll looks at me in fears as I already look at her confusedly and then we look back at him again at the same time.

I wonder who's this girl...

Because of this, she's already at the stage, and Baby Doll knew her, I-don't-know-what-her-name, as she looks more than fear, terrified.

Zac looks at Baby Doll's terrified face, and he gives her an evilly look on his face.

It means he has a better idea.

Everyone start to bid on the girls who seem excited and one of them, the red one, appears newly at this bids! 

Because she never smiles at them.


I told you that I just here recently. 

She turns away from this girl to see me, and I look away from this girl to look at Baby Doll.

This girl reminds me of Baby Doll. 

Maybe, they're a family, I think... 

"Lizzy! Do I know this girl?" I ask confusedly.

I also know her real name, it's Elizabeth Tanner.

She's married and has a child.

She sighs sadly.

"When it's her turn, you must bid on her, and you can't be mad at me..." She orders as she explains.

"What is it?!" I ask.

She was about to say something, but Zac interrupts our conversation, and he made us see the bids.

I was shocked.

Because of this, she's down to one people.

But how?!

"£1,000, once going, twice going, sold to Ryan McCartan!" Zac shouts.

The red one looks down on the ground, and she looks scared.

Maybe I can stop him...

Because she looks so younger!

I was about to walked through the coward, but someone stops me from grabbing my arm, and I turn around.

"It's better to leave him and... There's something that you don't know the answers, and I feel so guilty... This girl, the red one, is..." Someone interrupts her talking.

I turn around to see someone interrupts her talking; it was Zac! 

"Oh... We got a younger daughter of Baby Doll, GiGi!" Zac introduces the red one when he looks at Baby Doll.

I was shocked.

That's why she avoids my question!

The GiGi girl is Nineteen years old girl Rosie, Liz's daughter.

That explains to me...

They're so alike!

"I welcome you!" Zac welcomes her as he gives me a glance look on his face.

I don't know what's happening!

I'm not her real father!

With that, he leans down on GiGi's ears when she looks down on the ground, and he orders something that I don't understand.

He can't do it!

That explains to me.

That's because Zac is my rival to loved Perrie.

Now she's available!

"That's dangerous for her! She can't be here!" I shout angrily.

She sighs sadly.

"Please, for me, bid on her!" Baby Doll begs.

I sigh sadly.

If I bid on her for a reason, then Zac's kicking me out of here!

For her, yeah, I'll bid on her...

For my risk!

For Rosie's sake!

I grunt. 

Frustrated, is it?!

Fuck it!

I start to set the cigarette in my mouth, and I start to smoking. 

Before I was smoking, everyone starts to bid on GiGi and she starts to look around at the men as she was confused. 

He can't do it to a young daughter of Baby Doll!

With that, she looks at his evil look on his face as he already look at GiGi and he nods once. 

I wonder what if I bid on her over this money! 

"Are you planning to offer on her or bid on her, aren't you?" Baby Doll asks confusedly.

I still staring at GiGi as she looks away from Zac's face to see the men and then she looks at me.

She saw me!

I sigh sadly.

I guess I have no choice but bid on her...

With that, she looks down on the men who are starting an argument to bid on her, and I sigh annoyingly. 

How annoying are they? 

Until they stopped to have an argument.

I sigh sadly. 

What the fuck?!

It's now £1,500. 

I can overbid on it!

"Zayn..." She calls softly.

"Just wait!" I order.

I think I have a sum of money...

"£1,500, Going once..." Zac pauses.

Wait for it!

I sigh sadly.

"Going twice-"

"Zayn!" Baby Doll raises her voice.

That's it!

I'm going in!

"£1,900!" I shout.

Everyone, include GiGi girl, look shocked that's all I see...

What is it?

I sigh sadly.

"£1,900, Going once, Going twice, Sold to Zayn Malik!" Zac shouts my name as he looks complicated, happy and confused.

He looks happy because I raise the money and it was me, Zayn Malik...

I look down on the ground when I roll my eyes, and I look up at the lovely GiGi and Zac.

He looks confused because it was my first time to overbid the money.


I told you that I didn't bid on other girl but her and Baby Doll...

I sigh sadly.

What the hell is wrong with me?




It was Zayn's P.O.V

Happy?! :D

See what's happening next?

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