Fifty Shades Of Malik

Rosie (Gigi) met Zayn Malik in Slave Auction, where 20 to 30 years old women will doing with lots of men, but Rosie is 19 years old.

A lot of the young girl who is 19 years will be there.

She's with her mum in Slave Auction, and they order that she has to.

Let find out!


2. Chap #2

Chapter 2


Louis looks at me when he's sad and I just stand here. 

I sit down on the bed.

I want to know and I was waiting for Louis to say something...

I want an explanation.

Why am I here?

Or why did my mum looks younger?

Or why is she here for?

That's why I fucking need to know!

"Please, tell me!" I beg.

You see, I'm determined to know about this.

sigh sadly.

"I understand the way you look like you're determined to know about what is it... But you should see it yourself." Louis explains.

"Are you fu-freaking kidding me?! I just got here!" I shout angrily.

I can't swear in front of Mum.

Just because she want me to be a good girl...

"Well... It's bedtime. Cause it's 11 O'clock in the evening." That was Mum orders from the kitchen.

I sigh sadly.

I just want to know...

I laying down on the comfortable bed and Louis walks in this room as I can hear the footstep of my mum's walking toward the wardrobe room.

I did change my clothes into these cute pyjamas before I sit down on the bed.

I wish I could have called my dad...

Until I realise...


I need to call him and tell him that we'll be safe. 

I sit up and I was looking for my phone in my both pockets.

It wasn't there that I did put my phone in my right pocket and I swear I did it.


Damn that!

I sigh sadly.

What the fuck!

That bitch fat man!

I'm sure he would be taking my phone while I was in the dark sleeping-

Something interrupts my thought as the soft music was starting play and...

What the hell is going on?!

It was a sleeping song...

How did they-

Oh, great!

That was music in the announcement.

I sigh sadly and then I heard the footstep of my mum's walking toward me while I was laying back in my position.

"Good night, my dear..." That was my mum says softly through the quietly and softly music.

What the fuck!

Did I smell-

I guess she has to go somewhere because she wore the expensive perfume that I can smell...

So yeah!

When she walks around to see me, I quickly close my eyes to pretend that I sleep.

My mum gives me a forehead kiss and then she walks away... 

I open my eyes to hear nothing but soft music and... 

It's stopped!


Fuck it!

Finally, I will get some sleep. 



Three hours later,

The loud music from downstairs burst into my eardrum as I woke up and I sit up.

Maybe it's a party from downstairs!

I stand up from the bed and I walk toward the front door.

I was about to open the front door but I stop myself to look down on my pyjamas and I stand back.

Maybe I need to borrow from my mum! But where? 

I turn around to see the wardrobe room.

All I need to do is... Change into my mum's sexy dress!

I wander toward the wardrobe room, and I sigh sadly.

It has a huge room, and it's dark. 

So, I'm going to switch it on. 

I went.

When I switch it on, the light takes the turn and I was surprised.


NO WAY!!! 

What can I see is Mum has SO many sexy dresses, pieces of jewellery and so many high heels... 

What is she doing with them?

Oh, mum!

You don't have to wait for me to come here. 

I sigh sadly.

Which one is that suit me?

I take a few pieces of jewellery and I turn around to see my nickname on the perfume.


I pick it up and smell it.

That's what Mum wore before I slept.

I sigh sadly and I put it down in the same position before I spray it on my neck for two times.

Next thing is a dress...

I start to looking for it and I didn't found it.


I want to wear a red dress! 

She must to wore it. 

Wait a minute!

I saw...

It is a purple dress.

I sigh exhaustedly.

I mean...

It's huge wardrobe.

I went to looking for it and I found it on other of the side.

I'm glad I found it!

I take it with me and I wore it as it reaches on my leg - knee. 

I put a heavy makeup on my face and I sigh sadly as I look at the mirror. 

This isn't me...

When I was done with the makeup, I pull my ponytail hairs into the curly long hair.

I'm ready!

I pick my high heels and I walk toward the front door after I switch the wardrobe light off.

I walk toward the stairs after I close the front door which is...

It leads to the light of disco ball, right?

It means it's party time.

I guess...

I have to go downstairs and find out why it's so loud!

With that, I put the high heels, which match my colour dress, and I walk downstairs for a few steps.

"I want to thank you for coming here and I would like to welcome the ladies who want to be bid by you... Please welcome, Slave Girls!" That was Mr Efron calls the ladies.

When I was about to come upstairs, but the ladies push me away and I wasn't planning on it!

Fuck it! 

Oh, no!

I'm at the stage!

I smile nervously. 

Kill me!

Mr Efron looks surprised to see me when I already was here.

A few men look at me when I look down on the ground.

Oh, shit! 

I shouldn't be here! 

After that, it's my turn...

I start to learn about the bid!

"Oh... We got a younger daughter of Baby Doll, GiGi! I welcome you!" Mr Efron introduces me to these men.

More men look at me like they're ready to bid on me.

I sigh sadly.

"Smile! Look up at them!" Mr Efron orders while he smiles at the men and he whispers to my ears.

I do as he orders me and I give them a mixture smile, which is nervous and cute. 

I wonder I want to go home with my family. 

I was confused because I saw them as they are looking for the money and they were starting to bid on me.

"£200! Take it!" A man who stand front row shouts. 

"No! Take £300!" Another man who stands in the third row shouts back.

Is Zac trying to make me do it?

What the hell!

I look at his evil look on his face as he already look at me and he nods once.

He can't do it to me! 

I look away from his face to see the men and I saw a man who stands back with a cigarette and has a blonde highlight colour on his hairs as he still staring at me.

I look down on the men who are arguing each other... 

They are starting an argument to raise the money and they will stop to an argument until now.

The things are...

It's now £1,500 to the same man who stands front row.

I sigh sadly.

Oh, great! 

I will be stuck with a stranger. 

"£1,500, going once, going twice-"

"£1,900!" Someone shouts.

What the hell!

"£1,900, going once, going twice, sold to Zayn Malik!" Mr Efron shouts his name.


What The Fuck?!



Hey, guys! 


He's in there!


Next chapter, he'll be there!

Enjoy it!

Take care!


Here is Rosie's (GiGi) look!


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