Fifty Shades Of Malik

Rosie (Gigi) met Zayn Malik in Slave Auction, where 20 to 30 years old women will doing with lots of men, but Rosie is 19 years old.

A lot of the young girl who is 19 years will be there.

She's with her mum in Slave Auction, and they order that she has to.

Let find out!


1. Chap #1

Chapter 1


I walk around the city and even outside of the city. 

I was looking for my mother who's gone missing for seven years, and so does Dad... 

It was in London. 

I wondered around to find the place that called Slave Auction...

I just knew that is not a good feeling!

You know what?

I should be very careful in the nighttime.

It's very dangerous!

I look around to see there has someone to follow me and there it is...

It was toxic on the cotton to put me to sleep and put the cloth on my nose.

Fuck it!

I breathe into the toxic, and I was getting to sleeping very slowly as I dragged inside Slave Auction by the fat man.


Since I get toxic, I can see everything in blurred eyes, and feel like I'm getting drunk.

It was red wallpaper, and it got a lot of poles where are younger people got to dance for wealthy individuals and bars on the corner.

What the hell?

I look up at the balcony as the fat man let me look up, and I saw the figure was standing to watch over me to walked toward the red door.

All I see is mystery black figure man... 

I blink my eyes at many times as I look down on the ground and I can hear the heart beat so loudly, and it goes pounded so hard!

I will be sleeping very soon...


Everything went blank!

That's when I dragged to sent the mystery light by the big man and then boom, I was sleeping!

Through the time, I awake by these dull eyes very slowly, and all I see is get blurred at first.

Then for a while, I know everything so colour apparently a little by little, and I sigh heavily because I was trying to say something.

I put my hand on my throat, and I cough heavily.

I realised something!

The toxic!

I guess it would go away for one day.

Thank you, fat man!

Then I realised I was at the fucking Slave Auction...

Oh, shit!

Also, I was so thirsty.

That's why I should be very careful...

I saw the lady who was coming in the room...

Is it the room?

I was panicked, and the lady with her sexy red dress looks shocked.

That was a woman who has long curly blonde hairs, short, but skinny, tanned skin and light blue eyes.

I was calm down because she looks like...


Does she have my light blue eyes?

What the fuck?!

She gives me the water of glass and waiting for me to take it, but I take it...

I take a sip of water, and it goes through my burn throat.

"It's okay... You're safe!" A lady with sexy red dress says in a familiar voice that I used to know.

I calm down when I look down on the ground, and I look up at her...

She gives me an attractive smile, and I was confused. 

"My dear Rosie, after all, I'm your mother..." A lady with sexy red dress continues.

I was shocked when she says she's my mother.

Oh, my god!


I look down and up on her sexy red short dress.

Oh, my god!

What have they done to her?

Are you fucking kidding me?!

"Mum?" I call out to her after I say nothing.

She nods, and I sigh happily.

I was so happy because I finally found my mother.

"Take her away..." That was a mystery voice through the announcement.

What the-

With that, a same fat man came into the room and took my hand as he drags me away.

I tried to struggle to let my hand go, but I couldn't because that man was so stronger than I thought!

"Mum!" I shout.

Mum walks toward me but stops by the door.

"Don't worry. It'll be all right because you were about to meet him!" She shouts back.


Who's it?!

I was about to say something, but the fat man drags me faster and throws me into the big door as I was on the ground.

"What the hell?!" I shout as I sit up.

I was shocked.

Because of a lot of men's eyes, they are on me and look down to me as they bend down.

I was scared! 

I'm not ready!

I feel the tears roll down on my face and stay away from them.

"Stay away from me..." I order.

I was about to say something, but I was helping by these guys, and they helped me to get up as standing up.

I sigh exhaled.

I know he's right behind me, right?

"Hello, my dear!" That was a mystery voice says.

I can hear the books closed and put it back or something.

I was scared of the mystery man because he wants something from me.

If I turn around to see who's it, then thing went wrong for the rest of my life.

"What do you want from me?" I shiver.

"What do I want? Oh... What make it do you think?" That was a mystery voice asks.

Don't make me turn around.

Please, I want to be a good girl!

"Turn around..." He orders.

Why did I feel like I have a goosebump?


What the fuck?!

"Turn around!" He raises his voice.

I was shocked of his voice.

He sounds angry!

I'm sorry, my friends!

With that ordered, I close my eyes, and I turn around slowly.

"Pretty girl!" That was a man says.

I open my eyes, and I was shocked.

It was...

"Zac?!" I shout his name.

The guys who were behind me goes whistle like a man who wants trouble on a girl and some of them are whooping.

I was confused.

What was that?

"In here, you can call me Mr Efron or sir if you want to..." Mr Efron explains.

Will he do something with me?

I say nothing, and I looked down on the floor when Mr Efron walked around me...

Seems like he judges on me! 

"How old are you?" He asks softly.

I sniff, and I can feel my body is shaking as I could tell that I'm scared.

"I'm nineteen..." I spill it out so quickly.

I can hear his footstep as I still looked down on the floor and then he put the jacket on my shoulders as I was confused.

While I look down, I saw his black shoe, which was it goes black suit looks good on him, is very closer toward me as he put the jacket on my shoulder and with that he walked away from me. 

What the fuck?!

"Good girl! I'm going to give you a name, GiGi..." He pauses.

I was shocked because he calls my nickname and that's why he doesn't care about my real name!

I sigh sadly. 

I look up at his backwards, and he was on his desk as he sits down on his desk...

"Welcome to my secret lair, Salve Auction..." Mr Efron says.

So, is it his secret lair?


I look serious on the outside of my face, but for inside, I was angry.

I want to show him my face expression, but I can't because I have to be a good girl...

Why can't he let me go outside?

With that, he starts to look down and up at my body.

"My girls are going to tell you what's the rule... Okay?" Mr Efron says.

With that, I say nothing, but I nod.

"Take her to the younger girls room!" He slaps his fingers for twice.

Then a man with the white coat comes in Mr Efron's office and walks toward Mr Efron.

"Sir! She should be with her mother because Baby Doll told me that she had a daughter and that girl..." He points to me.

"GiGi..." Mr Efron corrects him.

"Right, GiGi should be sharing her room with her mother. Please, sir!" The man with a white coat begs him.

As you can see, my name is Rosie Tanner, and I'm not fucking pretty or whatever he thinks of me.

I'm nineteen.

A nineteen years old girl who had been kidnapped by Mr Efton and stuck in here, Salve Auction, forever until she has to wait for the master have her.

Of course, I knew it!

It's on the news that I usually watch it. 

But all I don't know is...

The rule of being here!

I sigh sadly. 

"Alright!" Mr Efron shouts.

Thank goodness!

Because he lets me to see her.

"Come on, GiGi! I take you there..." The man with a white coat says as he grabs my hand.

He was about to walked away but Mr Efron stops him, and he looks shocked.

Because of this...

"Expect for the 'Mum thing'! Make sure if you didn't tell GiGi about the 'Mum thing'! If you did it, you wouldn't be alive!" Mr Efron explains.

I was confused.

What did he mean by 'Mum Thing'?

With that, he just nods at once.

"I wouldn't!" He says.

He dragged me away with him when I look at Mr Efron's evil look on his face that he gives me, and then he takes me to my mum's side.

I wish I knew what it is...

But I don't know what it is.

I sigh sadly.

"Oh, where is my manner? My name is Doctor Tomlinson. If you want to call my first name, it's Louis." He gives me a friendly smile.

"Why?" That's all I want to ask him.

He looks confused, and he chuckles a little.

"Why? What do you mean by 'Why'?" Louis asks confusedly.

"No! Why are you helping me?" I ask.

He looks at me confusedly.

"Because I was here for Baby Doll, GiGi, for four years... That's why I was helping you! Also, you remind me of Baby Doll..." Louis says. 

I wonder what is 'mum thing'?

I sigh sadly.

"Thanks!" I thank Louis.

So, I went to my mum's room as Louis takes me and I give her a tight hug when I arrived at her place.

I was crying, and she hugs me back.

"Thanks, Louis!" Mum says.

I pull away from the hug to see Louis, and I sigh sadly.

He told me about my mum that she looks beautiful but she took ill lately and I was worried about her health problem.

She looks so younger.

I guess she took medicine for waiting from me to enter the Salve Auction.

The big question is why?

Why did my mum take medicine and why did she look so younger that she sounds like she's 20 years old?

"I hope you would understand that!" Mum says.

I shake my head.

"This, what I explain to you, isn't the 'Mum Thing'..."  Louis explains clearly.

So, what is it?

I was confused, and Louis looks at me... 

"I know that look, but I can't tell you. I only showed a bit of explanation to you about her. Listen, I want you to understand that Mr Efron is a good man that you get know him..." Louis continues to explain.


What is it?




Hey, guys!

Oh, my!

I would like to change the cover, but I'm lazy!

So sorry about the name on the cover.

Anyway, Zayn isn't there in Chap #1 but will be in Chap #3 or maybe...

From now on, Rosie's story has started by now.


Enjoy it!

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