Save me from falling in love

Summer isn't the kind of girl who falls for a guy so easily, so when she meets Ashton, it hits her hard.
Summer's never felt this way... And Neither has Ashton.
But then Summer's jealous ex finds out what's going on.
What's he gonna do this time?

I hope you guys enjoy! ����
Next one is called, Fallen in Love


5. Chapter 4

Summer's POV

"Your just a little bit out of my limit, it's been two years now.... Haven't even seen the best of me!!" I sing out.

Ashton's driving back to dorms, while I torture him with my screaming.

"Hahaha... Your not half bad.." He smirks.

Fuck.... Butterflies....

"Right." I laugh. I look over at Ashton, to see him smiling... Kind of talking to himself. Then he turns to look at me. I turn and look out the window.

Damn he almost caught me gawking...

I peek over at him and he's still looking at me....

I wish I could read minds....


Ashton's POV

She's so beautiful....

"So... Um.. What's your major?" Summer mumbles

If only it was easy to tell you how I feel.....

"Oh, Art.." I say, looking back at the road.

Damn I wish I could stare at her all day..

"Me too!" She says excitedly.

I know....

I peek over at her.

Her eyes... Her smile... Damn I wish she was mine....

Summer smiles at me. Then blushes and turns away.

Just tell her... You've waited this long!!! Just tell her already!!!

I tell my subconscious to shut up and say,

"We're here.... I'll get your door.."


Summer's POV

He's such a gentleman....

"Thanks." I whisper as Ashton opens my door.

"No problem..." He looks down like she wants to say something, but stays quiet...

"Summmeerrrrr!!" Maya sings, "hurry slowpokes!"

"Hey.. Um... There's this party thing.... This Friday... and Calum and I are going... Um so do you.... And Maya want to go with us... You know like friends...." Ashton mumbles.


"Yeah sure, we'd love to!"

Of course he doesn't like me!! He probably has a girlfriend too!

No duh, you idiot! It's not like some hot guy like him would like a nerd like you.

I ignore my subconscious, I start to turn away, but Ashton puts his hand on my arm.

Woahhh... Was I the only one who felt that little zap....

"Hey... Did you have fun?" He shyly asks.

"Yeah, a lot of fun!" I smile.

"Good", He says giving me a smile.

Oh god damn...


Later that night I'm laying in bed, staring out the window.

Why does he make me feel this way??

"Maya?" I say.

"Yeah?" She answers.

"Have you... Have you ever just felt a connection with someone.... Like on a whole other level??" I ask.

"Is this about Ashton?" She giggles.

"Yeah.... He gives this feeling... I've never felt it with anyone else...."

"Not even Josh?!?!" She asks referring to my first boyfriend.

We broke up because he moved and he didn't want to tie me down, otherwise I think we would still be together...

".....Yes..." I mumble.

"What kind of feelings???"

"It's hard to explain," I say, fiddling with my blanket, "The thought of him makes me smile... Seeing him makes my day.... Him in general makes me happy..."

"Hmmmm" Maya hums,

"He just makes me feel so... I don't know..." I say.

"Oh I think what you're feeling Summer." Maya says.

"What is it?"

"Love! You're in love!!!" Maya smiles.

I'm in love....

"We have to go to the party with them!!!"

"I guess...." I say, still shocked...


The week went by pretty fast.... I barely remember anything of it... I was so distracted by Ashton. Everywhere I turned he was there. Wherever I was he was...

Or it was just your imagination...

Maya and I aw getting ready for the party Ashton and Calum invited us to.

"Summer!!! You have to wear this!!!" Maya says pointing to my one of my old dresses, this one was my favorite it had sheet music all over it.

"I don't want to wear a dress tonight.." I say.

"Fine, but at least throw on something decent, no sweatpants or those baggy hoodies you wear." Maya rolled her eyes, which makes me laugh.

I decide on my favorite pair of black skinny jeans, and a ripped Marvel shirt, with a tank top of course.

Once I finish getting dressed I throw on my beanie over my messy hair.

"Aw hells to the no!!" Maya screams. "Bitch, I'm doing your hair! Imma curl it!!! Now get that damn beanie off your head!!"

I laugh, and obey. While Maya curls my messy mob of hair, I think of what's gonna happen tonight.

Maybe he's gonna kiss you.

I push that thought out of my head so I wouldn't get my hopes up.....


Ashton's POV

Cal and I are knocking on Summers and Maya's door. I suddenly get a wave of nerves, which is strange I never feel this way.

"Coming!!!" I hear Maya yell.

Suddenly Summer opens the door with a smile that makes my knees weak.


"Hey..." She says.

Her voice sounds like angels singing....

I try to push my thoughts away, but they keep flowing in.

"Hi...." I mumble.

"Is Maya ready?" Calum asks.

"Almost, she needs like 15 more hours." Summer laughs.

Damn..... Why does she make me feel this way?


Calums POV


Maya walks out of her dorm looking flawless.

"Close your mouth you'll attract flys.." Ashton whispers to me.

"Haha, very funny." I mumble

"Ready?" Ashton says to Summer.

I can't talk.... My throat is so dry...

I look at Maya, her light shimmery hair that changes colors in the light, her big color changing brown eyes....

You'll never get her.....

I tell my subconscious to shut up, and take Maya by the hand and lead her towards the door that leads outside.

Ashton and Summer walk out side by side behind us, talking about comics. Maya and I are still holding hands....

She didn't let go....

"Maya... Look I... I was gonna wait to ask you later tonight but... Here goes nothing.... Would you like to be my girlfriend??" I spit out.

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