Save me from falling in love

Summer isn't the kind of girl who falls for a guy so easily, so when she meets Ashton, it hits her hard.
Summer's never felt this way... And Neither has Ashton.
But then Summer's jealous ex finds out what's going on.
What's he gonna do this time?

I hope you guys enjoy! ����
Next one is called, Fallen in Love


4. Chapter 3

Ashton's POV

I did it. She laughed.

We're all sitting down, and I still can't believe I made her laugh.

"Pass the ketchup, please!" Calum's trying to be polite so he can impress Maya, and it hilarious.


Calum's POV

Damn. Just damn.

"I don't mean to be rude but did you seriously eat all of that?" I ask.

"Yup." Summer says proudly.

"She always eats like that, but she stays so small. It's really freaky." Maya laughs, and I smile, which makes her blush. Ashton's looking at Summer like she's a work of art.

They're perfect for each other.

I smirk and say, "We have band practice today, after classes. Would you two like to come?"

Ashton's face goes pale and I laugh.

"We'd love to! What do you play, Ashton?" Summer asks shyly.

"Oh, um... I p-play the drums." He's nervous, he really likes her.

Maya speaks up, "What do you play?" She asks looking at me.

"I play the bass. Our other two mates, they both play guitar. And we all sing." I smile.

Man, I can't believe last year I couldn't even walk past her, without freaking out. Now, I'm standing next to Ms. Maya Winters.


Maya's POV

Just last year, I was watching him from back of Mr. Fisher's business class. And now look I have Calum Hoods number...

Summer and I are waiting for the boys to come pick us up.

Calum just sent me a text, that's says they're on their way.

Somethings going on with Summer.

"D-do I look ok?" Summers looking in the mirror staring at herself with a look of disapproval.

"Girl, you look fine as fuck." I say smiling.

"No, I don't. I look like a whore." She says rubbing off the lip gloss.

I walk over to her, grab her hands, sit her down, and say, "You look beautiful!!! If Ashton doesn't like you the way you are, with or without make-up, then he doesn't deserve to be in your life."


I spring up, "I'LL GET IT!!!!!"

Summer laughs and gets up.

Summers POV

I take one last look in the mirror, and put my beanie on. I walk towards the door as Maya pushes it all the way open.


Ashton's standing there in sweats and a Nirvana t-shirt, and he looks amazing.

He looks like a god, he might be wearing plain clothes but he looks like a fucking model.....

I tell my subconscious to shut up, and I say, "Hey,"

"Hey, you look really good in a beanie...." He's staring at me again.

What are you looking at??? Do I have a pimple on my forehead?!?!?

He seems to read my mind, and he smiles and shakes his head. Then Calum pops his head up from behind Ashton.

"Heyyyy peeps!! You guys ready?" Calum chirps. He looks over at Maya and his eyes widen. And then he smiles.

"We gonna ride in the same cars or what are we gonna do?" Maya shyly asks.

Then Calum whispers something to Maya and she smirks at me.

Oh shit. What are they up to???

I rise my eyebrow at her. She shakes her head and walks out of the dorm.


We head to the parking lot, and Maya and Calum run over to her car. Maya sticks her tongue out at me. I just laugh and roll my eyes.

They both act like little kids, they're so perfect for each other....

"I guess your stuck with me." Ashton says, giving me a half smile that makes my insides melt. We walk over to his car, talking about comics and superheroes. I didn't think he was such a nerd like me.


Maya's POV

"Are you sure this is the right way?" I ask Calum.

"100% positive. Just take a right turn, slow the car down at the gate and honk three times." He says smiling that million dollar smile.

"Ok..." I give him a curious look, then turn my eyes back to the road and do what I was told.

When I'm in front of a large gate, honking, I whisper, "Calum.... I think it's closed."

"Wait, give me a second..." He said fiddling with his phone.

Then a blonde guy wearing all black walks up to the gate and unlocks it to let us in.

I slow when Calum lowers the window so he could chat the guy.

"Hey man!" Calum says.

The guy... He has a piercing like Summer....

"Hey Cal." He says and looks at me, "is this the famous Maya Winters?" He said smirking. I look at Calum and raise an eyebrow and he blushes.

The guy with the piercing laughs and says, "I'm Luke."

"Oh, um... Hey" I spit out.

"Yeah, let's go to the garage." Calum spits out. I drive forward, smiling.

Calum told his friends about me...

"Keep going straight..." He seems a little embarrassed, "Here this one." He said pointing towards an open garage

I slow down the car and park it.

Calum's POV

I jump out of the car, and walk over to Maya's side of the car. She starts to get out so I run over and help her out of the car.

"T-thanks..." She's blushing....

I am the luckiest guy in the world, right now... I'm holding Maya Winters hand.


Summers POV

We pull up to a gate, and Ashton honks three times. He rolled his window down and pulls forward when a blond guy opens the gate.

"Hey is Calum and Maya here?" Ashton asks.

"Yeah, they just got here a couple of minutes ago." The blonde guy mumbles.

He seems shy...

Ashton nods and turns to me.

"This is Luke" he says, pointing to the blonde.

He has a lip piercing like me....

Luke smiles and says "Ash, here, talks about you all the time, Miss. Charles"

I blush and look over at Ashton.

They all have the same accent

"See you at the garage." Ashton's blushes, and starts to drive forward.

He told Luke about me? He talks about me?

I push my thoughts aside, and say, "I can't wait to hear your music."

Ashton smiles, "I really hope you like it to." He whispers.

We pull up to an open garage, and stop. Ashton gets out of the car and goes over to help me out. Once we're out, Ashton leads me to the open garage.

There's a couch in there along with drums and guitars

Oh, there's a mini fridge

Maya and Calum are standing together in a corner, and a guy with dark hair is grabbing something out of the fridge.

"Hey Ash, hey Summer." Calum says.

The guy with the dark hair walks over and does a handshake with Ashton.

"Hey," he mumbles and then looks at me. "Ash, why don't you introduce me to your girlfriend, over here."

Both me and Ashton exchanges looks, blushing like crazy.

"S-she's not my girlfriend" he spits out and mumbles something that makes the other guy laugh.

What did he say....

"This is Summer, oh and Summer this is Michael." Ashton smiles at me.

"Nice to meet you." I say.

"Dido.." Michael smirks.

What the hell did Ashton say to him?????

Ashton POV

I sit down at my drum set, while Calum strums his bass.

"How long have you guys been together, as a band I mean." Maya asks.

"Since last year.... In the summer, we got together.." Luke answers, as he adjusts his guitar strap.

"But it feels like we've been playing for years!" Michael says, he's setting up microphones for all of us.

"Summer used to be in a band!" Maya shouts.

"SHUT UP MAYA!!" Summer screams. I laugh, and look at her.

"What was the name of the band?" I ask, she blushes and whispers,

"The Rejects....." Summer looks down at her hands with a a small smile.... She looks like she's remembering, "We played in my stepdads garage... It was me, Meli, kitty, and Morgan..."

"Who are they?" Cal asks.

Summer seems to snap out of her daydream.

"Oh.. Um, they were friends from high school." Summer whispers, with a sad look on her face.

"What happened? Are you guys still playing?" Luke asks curiously.

"No.... Life happened." Summer looked down, "We all went to different colleges... We still call every so often."

I look over at Maya, she looks down also sad.

"We were a tight group of friends.... Everyone said high school would tear us apart.... They were wrong... College did.." Maya says, both Summer and her look sad...

"Why don't we play some music to cheer you up??" Michael say.

I nod and smile at Summer, she gives me a shy smile.

Damn... If only she knew how much I like her......

"Out of my limit sound good?" Luke smiles.

I smile and nod.

"1, 2, 3, 4!!!"

Summer's POV

Wow..... Just wow...

I'm sitting here listening to Ashton and his band play, and I'm shocked....

They're so good

"It's been two years now...." Luke sings out.

I look over at Maya, and she's sitting there with her mouth hanging open.

"....haven't even seen the best of me."

Oh.... My..... Lord....

Luke's POV

As we finish our song, Maya and Summer stand up and clap.

I look over at Ashton, and he's all smiles...

"You.... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!" Summer shouts, which is strange.... She doesn't seem like a girl that has much to say.

I see Ashton smirk.

"I know, I know. We're the most awesome band that ever lived!" Ashton jokes.

"You guys are!!!!" Maya screams. Calum laughs.

I wonder what The Rejects sounded like......

"Did you guys write that song?!?" Summer pipes.

She's a lot different then I imagined her....

"Yeah.." I say.


After a couple more songs, and praises from the girls, we start to pack up.

"What's Meli short for?" Michael asks Summer.

"Melissa." Summer smiles, "she hated her name, and we all thought her name was so beautiful...."

"Yeah, you should've seen how mad she got when our old algebra teacher called her Melissa, man was she mad" Maya laughed.

"What about Kitty? Is that a nickname, or.." I ask.

Summer smiles, and then sighs.

"Her name is McKenna... Or Kenna... I gave her that nickname... Back in sixth grade, she had given me the nickname Blondie, so I decided to find the perfect nickname of her.... We're taking selfies one day before school started, and one picture, Morgan drew on cat ears on her, and I said 'Hey look it's kitty Kenna', and that's been her nickname since." Summer laughs, and sighs.

Maya smiles, "That was before I met them,"

I wonder what Kitty's like...

Michaels POV

Melissa.... I like it....

Ashton, Calum, Summer, and Maya walk towards the cars, and Luke and I are waving bye.

"Is it strange that I'm interested in finding out more about Kitty?" Luke asks.

"I don't think so... I'm interested in finding out more about Meli too....." I say.


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