Save me from falling in love

Summer isn't the kind of girl who falls for a guy so easily, so when she meets Ashton, it hits her hard.
Summer's never felt this way... And Neither has Ashton.
But then Summer's jealous ex finds out what's going on.
What's he gonna do this time?

I hope you guys enjoy! ����
Next one is called, Fallen in Love


3. Chapter 2

Ashton's POV

We're all walking towards the parking lot. The girls, we met when I crashed into one of them, Cal, and me. Summer looks so pretty. She looks like a goddess radiating brightly against the dull gray sky.

"I love this time of year." She says.

Her voice sounds like angels softly singing.... Hell, she is an angel!!!! So beautiful, kind, innocent-


Well... She seems innocent...

"What?" Maya asks.

"I forgot my bag!" Summer laughs.

Her laugh is so pretty.

"Oh well, to late now!" she giggles. The girls start talking about classes, and Calum smiles and says something every once in a while.

"Ash," Calum whispers so only I hear, "Your acting weird, what's up with that?"

I just look at Summer.

"Oh yeah!!!!" Calum smirks and I blush.

"What?" I whisper, " it's not like I don't see you staring at Maya every once in a while!"

That shut Cal right up, and I smirk.

When we all get to the cars, we decide that (Calum decides) Summer and I ride in my car and Calum rides with Maya in her car.


Summer's POV

Ashton opens the car door and I sit down on the leather seat. Then, he goes around the car to his side of the car and gets in smoothly. He looks so natural.

"What do you want to listen to? " he asks, his husky tone makes my insides melt

What the hell is wrong with me?!?

I've never acted this way in front of guys.....

"Anything you want," I say

"Ok..... I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going and so that's why I crashed into you, I'm..... You have really pretty eyes.."


"Almost as fabulous as mine." He says, looking over at me batting his long beautiful lashes

Oh dear lord, the butterflies.

"Oh really?" I say challenging him.

"Yup!" He smirks, and I laugh.

"Are you sure about that?" I laugh.

"Positive." Ashton smiles, showing his pearly whites, giving me chills.... Good ones.


Maya's POV

His eyes.... Oh my GOD!!!! And his voice! So husky and dreamy!!!! And his lips..... I'm dead, just no. He's going to be the death of me.

"So, what dorm do you guys live in?" Calum asks.

"Oh, 710." I say, butterflies flying through me.

"Wait, 710?" Calum raises an eyebrow.


"Well, I guess that makes us neighbors" Calum smiles.

No kidding. Can I kiss your beautiful lips?

"Oh, your the boys in.."


"709." Calum says calmly.

"Oh, yeah, that's where I know you from." I say trying to cover my blushing cheeks.

Calum smirks, as we pull into the parking lot of McDonald's.

"Hey," he says in a sexy tone.

I turn and look at him, and he's looking me straight in the eye.

He's leaning in closer and closer.......

"Your beautiful, Maya." He whispers.

I can't move, my voice seems to disappear.

Cal is so close, our lips our less then inches away....

"HEY LOVE BIRDS!?!? WE'RE HUNGRY OUT HERE!!!! CAN YOUR LITTLE LOVEY DOVEY STUFF WAIT?" I look out the driver window to see Summer standing there smirking, and I look down blushing. I hear another person laugh, and I look out and see Ashton laughing, but Calum is sitting there smiling.

He's so cute. He makes me feel so good.

I open the car door and step out, glaring at Summer, which makes her snort and laugh.

I'm going to get you back, Summer!


We're ordering, and of course, Summer is ordering a crap load of food.

"Would that be all?" The cashier seemed scared to ask.

"Hm, I guess so." Summer says, satisfied.

"What about you Maya?" Claim asks.

I literally melt on the inside.

"Oh, um, yeah. Uh, I would like a chicken salad, please."

Summer groans.

"Your making me look fat!!!" She frowns at me, and I laugh.

"Your not fat! You should see what Ashton eats for lunch everyday!!" Calum smirks, and Ashton blushes. He so has the hots for Summer!!!!

"Maya and I are gonna go get our soda," Summers smiles

Oh crap, what's she gonna do now?

Summer links her arm with mine, smirks and pulls me toward to soda machine.

"Whens the wedding?" She says.

" WHAT?!?!" I shriek.

"Shhh! Dang, I'm just kidding!" She laughs, "......He totally likes you."

"Does not!" I squeak.

"Oh come on! The guy has something for ya, boo! It's so obvious, I mean anyone in here can tell you two like each other." Summers acting like a matchmaker.

I frown, "A guy like him," I say pointing over at him, making sure he doesn't see,"couldn't and wouldn't like an average ugly girl like me?!"

Summers POV

Is she for real? She's fucking gorgeous!!!

"You've got to be kidding me." I say.

"What?" Maya huffs.

"Look at yourself!!! Your a model!!! When I walk into a room with you, everyone sees you first. Calum would be one of the luckiest guys alive to be able to date a beautiful girl like you!!" I whisper to her, as Ashton and Calum walk over.

"We has food!!!!" Ashton claims.

"Then let's feast!!!" I giggle.

Ashton's POV

I made her laugh. 💗💗💗💗

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