Save me from falling in love

Summer isn't the kind of girl who falls for a guy so easily, so when she meets Ashton, it hits her hard.
Summer's never felt this way... And Neither has Ashton.
But then Summer's jealous ex finds out what's going on.
What's he gonna do this time?

I hope you guys enjoy! ����
Next one is called, Fallen in Love


11. Chapter 10

Ashton's POV

"MORGAN?? KITTY?? MELI?!?" I turn to see Maya running towards us, with Calum, Mikey, and Luke trailing behind.

Morgan and Meli run up to Maya and hug her, Kitty and Summer walk up to them and join the hug.

Once their group hug ended, Summer walks up to me and smiles the biggest smile I've ever seen on her face.

She's really happy....


Kitty's POV

"Summer and I missed you guys so so so much." Maya sniffles.

"We missed you two more." Morgan wipes Maya's face.

A cute boy with black hair and brown eyes steps up behind Maya, and hugs her.

Who's he?

"Why, hello there, I'm Morgan, this Kitty," Morgan points to me, "And this is Meli." Morgan nods over to Meli.

"I'm Calum."

I look over to the other boy that was with Summer, and he's smiles and says,

"I'm Ashton."

Same accent....

"And the suddenly shy lads back there are Michael and Luke." Calum point over to the two boys standing next to the bench.

Oh... My.... Dear lord above....

The boy named Luke looks up, and our eyes lock. And it's as if time stops. My heart starts to accelerate, and I start to sweat.

"Kittyyy!" Morgan whispers.

I snap out of the trance and look at Morgan.

I think I just fell in love....


Meli's POV

He's cute...

I look over at the boy with colorful hair.


"So hey, We got a gig!" Morgan says, and turns my attention back to her.

"What?" Summer says.

"The Rejects are performing tomorrow night." I say, beaming.

"We haven't practiced in forever though!!!" Summer starts to bite her nails, a nervous habit of hers.

"Oh Summer! If you're not studying you're singing and playing your guitar!" Maya says.

"I've had to play the drums for the football games," Morgan says, "Meli plays her guitar at a coffee place, and so does Kitty with her bass."

"Ok, but what are we gonna sing?" Summer says, as Ashton plays with her hair.

"Don't you have your songbook?"


Summer's POV

"Yeah about that," I look away.

"She left it at her dads place," Maya says.

"And I'm definitely not going back there."

"Why not?" Ashton whispers to me, I just shake my head.

"We can do covers." Kitty says, clearly looking over at Michael and Luke.

"We used to do that all the time," Luke pipes in, and Kitty blushes.

I smell a crush...

"Ok then, what song are we gonna sing?"

"Thanks for the memories?" Morgan asks.

"Sounds good," Meli says.

I can't wait!!!


"Soooo Maya, Summer!" Meli sings out.

We headed to a nail salon, and the boys went to band practice to its just us girls.

"Yes?" Maya and I mumble.

"How long have you two been on the arms of those Australian hunks?" Morgan asks, and I laugh.

"Wellll," Maya starts, "one week, three days, four hours, and 32 minutes."

"And you, Mrs. Future Ashton whatever his last name is?"

"Irwin, it's Irwin." I blush, "We've been together for one week, three days, two hours, 16 minutes, and 34 seconds. 35, 36, 37-"

"Danggg, even counting seconds," Kitty giggles.

"She's head over heels in love with this guy." Maya smirks, and I blush.

"Even more then you were with Josh?" Meli askes and I nod.

"Dammmnnnn." Kitty and Meli say in unison, which make Maya and I laugh.

"So Morgan how's things with Sky?" I say, changing the subject.

"We're taking a break right now, but I'm pretty sure she's fucking with Vicky." Morgan rolls her eyes.

"I told you! She nothing but a two timing whore." Kitty grumbles.

"I know, but who cares? I might find a wonderful girl or guy, that swipes me off my feet, this weekend." Morgan sighs.

"I don't get why they do that. I mean Sky and Vicky fuck each other, then rub it in your face, then either Vicky or Sky begs you to take them back." I frown.

"Well, this has been the last straw." Morgan says.

"You're done with them?" Meli asks.

"Yep." Morgan nods her head.

"GOOD RIDDANCE!!" Kitty yells, and we laugh.

"Good for you, girl!" Meli smiles.

"So what happened with the dipshit and skank?" Morgan asks me.

Carter and Abby...

"That ended..." I whisper.

"I'm sorry to bring it up, but it pisses me off," Morgan says.

"The worst part was that we weren't here to help you through it." Kitty says.

"At least you were here, Maya."

"Yeah," Maya smiles.

We finish our nails and head to pay, when Abby and her friends come in.

"Well look who it is, guys!" Abby says with a tight smile, "Summer fucking Charles."

Kitty and Morgan look at each other then at me, and Meli starts to crack her knuckles.

"I don't believe we've met, I'm Meli, this is Kitty, and this is Morgan."

"Oh," Abby smirks, "I see why you two pieces of emo shit are Summers friends," Abby point to Morgan and Meli. "But I fail to see why a sweet looking, beautiful girl like you hangs out with these gothic assholes." Abby says to Kitty.

Bad idea, Abby...

Without says a word, Kitty punches Abby in the face. Then when Abby falls back, Kitty jumps on her... And we'll finishes her.




"Yeah, Ashton?"

"What's up, love?"

"We, um, need you to come bail us out of, um, jail."

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