Save me from falling in love

Summer isn't the kind of girl who falls for a guy so easily, so when she meets Ashton, it hits her hard.
Summer's never felt this way... And Neither has Ashton.
But then Summer's jealous ex finds out what's going on.
What's he gonna do this time?

I hope you guys enjoy! ����
Next one is called, Fallen in Love


2. Chapter 1

Summer's POV

It's the middle of October.

I'm in the library, helping out.

"Psst! Summer," Maya whispers.


"Where do I put this big fat book?" She huffs, trying to lift a huge book.

"Um, I'm not quite sure... Ask Ms. Henry." I whisper back.

Everyday during study hall Maya and I have permission to come here and help. Normally you need a pass to get in here.

"Girls the bell is going to ring soon, I can take care of the rest! Thank you both so much"

"No need to thank us, Ms. Henry!" Maya peeps


We make our way out to the chaotic hallway. Maya and I have a thirty minute lunch break, so we head toward the dorms.

"Why did you think Ms. Henry is using her maiden name, instead of her married name?" Maya questions.

"Honestly, I don't know... And I've know her since I was fourteen." I say.

Today, it's windy outside. The leaves are slowly falling off the tree branches. I love this time of year, it's so beautiful. So many colors.

"ASH, WATCH OUT!!!" I hear a guy yell, he seems to have an accent.

Suddenly, I'm on the ground with my stuff all over the floor. And there's a guy.... Oh. My. Gosh.

It's the boy from the dorm.......

Ashton's POV

Of all the girls I had to crash into.... It's had to be Summer Charles....

She's so beautiful.... Her eyes are a mysterious dark brown...

"Geez, Ash! I told you to watch out!" Calum says.

I can't move....

I want to kiss her. Her soft, full lips are so tempting.

"Um.. Ash?" Calum says nervously.

I snap out of it, and slowly get up.... I can't stop staring at her...

Summer's POV

He's so gorgeous. His eyes are a greenish brownish color, almost hazel.

His messy hair, I wish I could run my fingers through it.

"Hello? Earth to Summer?" Maya says.

"Oh... Um." I spit out.

"I'm Maya!" Maya stick her hand out to the guy with black hair.

"I'm Calum, oh and this is Ashton." The guy points to the boy, he has an Australian accent.

"Well nice to meet you!! Oh, this is Summer." Maya says gesturing to me.

Why can't I say anything? Why am I so nervous? Why the hell do I feel this way?

"So, where you guys headed?" Calum asks.

"To our dorm, we have lunch right now." Maya says sweetly. His name.... Ashton....

He's staring at me.....

"Us too" Ashton mumbles, he also has an accent.

Ashton has a husky voice, it makes my insides melt....

"We can buy you lunch to make up for this idiot bumping into you." Calum laughs nudging Ashton with his elbow.

I smile and say, "That would be great!"

I love his eyes....

Ashton hands me my stuff, still looking at me.

I didn't realize he picked up my books and papers....

But this time instead of looking serious, his face softens and he smiles.

"How does McDonald's sound?" Ashton jokes.

I smile even bigger making my cheeks hurt, "Great."




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