Save me from falling in love

Summer isn't the kind of girl who falls for a guy so easily, so when she meets Ashton, it hits her hard.
Summer's never felt this way... And Neither has Ashton.
But then Summer's jealous ex finds out what's going on.
What's he gonna do this time?

I hope you guys enjoy! ����
Next one is called, Fallen in Love


21. Another Author's note

Hey guys >-<

I hope you guys aren't mad at me for not updating for a while :/ Anyway! I'll be updating at least two times a week from now on!! Sorry, i know i said every other day, but I'm going to be super busier with school. I'll be leaving for Mexico in May, so I have to figure when I'm going to take my finals. I didn't think high school would be this freaking hard... And it's just freshman year!! Wish me luck!! I love you guys! Thank you for reading my story, and I will be updating while I'm in Mexico!! Next update will be long, of course, and be up by Tuesday the latest!!

Another thing, since I've stop posting, a lot of shit has happened, and some of it sucks, other doesn't, so if my writing isn't that good, then I'm very sorry. I've been very distracted lately. Okay, that's all. Love you guys <3


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