“Run, before it’s too late.” I warned as the guards pushed me into the cell. The same cell I was in before - the same claw marks on the wall and floor where I had almost gone crazy. “Ha! Yeah, before it’s too late.” one of the guards mocked closing the cell door behind me. But I could feel it - I could feel their fear of me, of what I could do. They had seen me take down 20 genitally engineered soldiers by myself - without the help of Guinevere. I cracked my neck, making my hair fall to the side revealing the hideous scar across my right eye. The scar I had inflicted upon myself in that time I was crazy - I mean I would never be able to tell the difference anyways. I smiled as the guard shuddered at the sight of the scar and I backed against the far wall and sunk to the floor calling upon Guinevere. The mist swirled around my legs as she appeared, the same hideous scar I had given myself was across her right eye as well. I felt bad for inflicting pain on Guinevere, she did nothing.


2. Tattoo


I watched the girl as she walked out of the room stiffly - I had felt the same way, after that machine tattooed my entire body. You could see her tattoo peaking out from the collar of her shirt and onto her neck. My tattoo did the same, I could feel it. The woman lead us back onto the train, and the girl took her spot in the corner like before, but his time I sat next to her. "Hi, I'm Luke." I said, she looked over at me confused. 

"Hi Luke... I'm Liam." she replied, her eyes wide. I leaned back against the seat and whispered.

"My tattoo covers my whole body too, it's okay." She looked at me surprised. 

"How did you know?" she whispered back, her eyes flying to the back of her hands where the tattoo's ended. 

"The way you walked out of the room." I replied showing her the back of my hands as well. "I was stiff too. What's the main color on your tattoo?" I asked. 

"Forest green; and your's?" she asked, holding her books to her chest. 

"Red." I answered. "Anyway, I'm tired, wake me in 1." I said then fell to sleep, my arms crossed over my chest. 

"Everyone off the train." The speaker came on, startling me awake. There was barely anyone on the train, and it was dark outside, the stars shone like never before. I looked over at Liam who was asleep. I shook her awake. 

"Where are we?" I asked, as her eyes fluttered open. She looked around, and her eyes widened suddenly. 

"We are in 15." She said jumping up and running out of the train. 

"15? You were supposed to wake me up at 1!" I yelled chasing after her. "Why didn't you wake me up at 1?" I asked, grabbing her shoulder to make her look at me. 

"I fell to sleep too! Getting this stupid tattoo made me drowsy." she answered, shaking my hand off her shoulder and started to walk into town. 

"What? How could you fall to sleep?" I asked, getting angry. "My parents expected me 4 hours ago!" I yelled walking after her. 

"Well there is nothing I can do now buddy." she said twisting and turning through the muddy streets. I followed close after, trying to keep up with her and trying to keep mud off my shoes. "Why are you following me?" she asked turning back to me. 

"Because you didn't wake me up at 1, so now I am going to follow you until you figure something out." I said as she turned and continued to walk. 

"Oh, boo-hoo does Mr. 1 want me to apologize? Well too bad - it's your fault." She said turning right. 

"Oh come on! It's my fault?" I said running through the mud to catch up with her. 

"Yes its your fault." She said turning abruptly again to face a house. "Well this is my stop." she said turning toward me. "So if you would kindly go away, I can enter my home without having to tell my parents why you are here." Liam ran a hand through her hair, letting her sleeve fall so I could see the part of the tattoo. It was elegant, with multiple colors like mine, but with the forest green being the accent in most of the lines. 

"Well, I have no where else to go, so either I'm staying here for the night, or - or" I tried to think of something, but nothing came to mind. 

"Or what?" She asked. "You will go cry to your mamma? Oh wait, you can't, because you slept through your stop!" She exclaimed turning back to the door. 

"Okay!" I yelled, running to to stop her from opening the door. I touched her hand and a spark ran through the contact. "I am sorry!" I said. "I am sorry for blaming you." I said quieter, our eyes met, and she took her hand from under mine. "I'm sorry." I repeated again, and Liam sighed. 

"Fine, come in." she said opening the door. "Hey mom! I'm home!" She yelled setting her books on the counter next to the door. 

"Oh, how did you do?" Liam's mom asked coming into view. She was a beautiful woman, with light brown hair and green eyes, a 29. "Oh... who's your friend?" she asked with a startled smile.

"Mom, this is Luke, he's from 1." I stepped forward, offering my hand.

"From 1, wow." She said shaking my hand. "Well, my name is Heather, it's nice to meet you." I smiled and Liam walked into the living room. I let go of Heather's hand and looked around the house. They are completely different than the houses at 1. The colors and furniture were all rustic with reds and browns. The color of red matched the red on my tattoo's. "So, Liam, what's your tattoo?" Heather asked looking excitingly at Liam. She looked at me, and I shrugged.

"Well, it's kinda big." She said blushing.

"Big?" Heather asked sitting on the couch.

"Yeah." I answered, and Liam gave me a warning look.

"You've seen it?" Heather asked.

"No, I haven't, but I know it's size, because mine is just as big." I said leaning against the the wall, pushing my sleeves up my arms to show my tattoo's.

"So your guy's arms are tattooed?" Liam's mom asked, and Liam fake coughed, looking around the room.

"Well, yes and no, mom... our whole bodies are tattooed." She said, lifting up her shirt a little to show the continuation of the tattoo's; I lifted my shirt as well, it was more covered than Liam's. Heather's eyes widened and she got up from her seat and went to a shelf and took out a book. On the cover was a picture of the council with all their tattoo's showing. All their tattoo's were on their right forearm. Heather frantically looked through the pages. "Why do you look concerned?" Liam asked standing.

"No one has their whole body tattooed, it's never happened before." She said. "Well, I shouldn't say that, it has happened before. But the people who have it are called Polletta." She looked back and fourth between us, tears springing to her eyes. "I'm sorry to say this." She paused, sinking to the floor. "But this is the last night you will be aloud to stay here."

"Oh, that's okay, I will just take the train tomorrow back to 1." I said, but I got a feeling that she wasn't just talking about me. I looked over at Liam, and she looked as confused as I was.

"No... I mean, the both of you can't stay." Heather said burring her head in her hands, tears springing to her eyes and down her cheeks.

"Why mom?" Liam asked walking over to Heather.

"You are Polletta, Liam, I can't house a Polletta." Liam looked down at the back of her hands, anger seeping onto her face.



I stormed off to my room, leaving Luke and my mom stunned in the living room. I always knew I was different, but a Polletta? Why didn't the machine say anything? Or did it? and I was just in too much pain to remember? I climbed onto my bed and opened up my favorite book and lost my feelings to it. About two hours later, Luke knocked on my door and came in. "Hey, Liam?" He asked.

"What do you want Luke?" I asked setting down my book.

"I was just coming in to check if you are okay. You seemed pretty angry." he said leaning against the door frame.

"Well I am! Polletta? What the heck is that supposed to mean? We are Polletta, and we have no clue what that means! And now my mom won't even house me! She's kicking me out!" I yelled, wanting to throw something or hit something.

"I read the book that your mom looked through." Luke said. "A Polletta is someone with tattoo's covering their entire body, meaning they are not chosen for one job, or one thing. We are supposedly dangerous." He laughed. I got up off my bed strode over to my wall, and punched it. Luke walked over to me and stopped me from punching the wall a second time. "Liam, stop." he said sternly, holding my arm. I looked up at him and shook him off, my anger vanishing.

"Why?" I asked even though I knew the reason.

"Your mom is already crying in the living room. Don't make her even more sad right now." I sighed and pushed him away.

"What do we do tomorrow? My mom is kicking me out, and you can't go back to your parents, because they will just kick you out too, if what you read is true." I said looking up at Luke.

"Well, I would like to at least say goodbye to my parents before they kick me out, so if you are willing, we can travel to 1 and say goodbye to my parents and then head off to I don't know where to escape." He said leaning on the wall I just punched.

"Yeah sure... we can do that." I said. "But why are you staying with me? You could just leave me like anyone else would. You are a 1 for heavens sake! They would allow you to stay." I said throwing up my hands.

"You don't know that; and I got you into this mess, so I'm sticking with you Liam, wither you like it or not." Luke stated, and before I could protest he walked out the room. I sighed and walked after him.

"You can sleep in our guest room." I said, and Luke turned with a smile.

"Thanks, little Polletta." I rolled my eyes and lead him to the other side of the house where the guest room was. "Thank you for letting me stay for the night, Heather." Luke called as we passed through the living room. Mamma just nodded and watched us pass. We entered the guest room and Luke laid down immediately, taking off his shirt, showcasing his tattooed torso and arms. "Thank you, Liam." He said softly as I turned to leave.

"No problem." I said without a glance back.

I slept restlessly; tossing and turning, dreaming of monsters and a queen and king, who where both Polletta's. I woke with a start when I heard a banging on my door. "Liam, wake up sweetheart." my mom called from outside my room. I stared up at the ceiling, dreading the day to come.

"I'm up mamma." I said opening the door. Luke was standing behind my mom, and I blushed. I only slept in a sports-bra and running shorts. Luke smiled slightly, and my mom looked horrified.

"I have breakfast, when you are ready." She said looking down my body, studying my tattoo's. I nodded and closed the door again so I could change. I chose a black and gray sweater dress with leggings and boots, knowing I was heading to 1. After I had dressed, I packed a small bag of belongings and clothes, knowing my mamma would probably like us to leave as soon as possible, seeing how we were Polletta's. I walked out of my room, my head held high, but inside I wanted to cry. I was saying goodbye to everything I knew, just because that stupid machine decided to tattoo my entire body. Luke was eating, and my mamma was doing dishes when I walked into the kitchen. "There you are Liam, I was getting worried you wouldn't want to eat this morning." My mom said, sounding a little more cheerful than necessary; but I knew on the inside she felt the same way I did.

"I wouldn't miss breakfast, you know that." I said sitting two seats away from Luke. Mamma set a plate of food in front of me smiling, and I quickly dug in, watching her walk away toward the sink. Luke looked over at me and frowned. "Whats up?" I asked. 

"Your dress has half sleeves." He said softly.

"Yeah, so?" I asked looking down at my tattooed arms.

"Uh... nothing, its just that people from 1 don't wear dresses with half sleeves." Luke explained, running a hand through his black hair.

"Well it's a good thing we are only visiting!" I said, knowing it would bother him; but he rolled his eyes and continued to eat. I turned my head forward and ate in silence; knowing I would only make it worse if I continued to talk. Mamma smiled and took my plate when I was done and washed it, as well as Luke's.

"I wish we didn't have to part like this Liam, I really do." she said tears springing to her eyes as we walked to the front door. "But I can't go again't the rules; you know that. If you need anything, please give me a call. I will always be your Mamma." she said hugging me tightly, brushing my hair from my face. Luke took my bag as we exited the house.

"Thanks again Heather." He said turning and giving a wave back at my mom. Then turning to me said, "You ready to meet my parents?" I smiled up at him and nodded shyly. I was heading off to 1 with a boy I barely knew, after finding out we were both Polletta's, and after being kicked out of my own house. A good start to being chosen already.            

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