“Run, before it’s too late.” I warned as the guards pushed me into the cell. The same cell I was in before - the same claw marks on the wall and floor where I had almost gone crazy. “Ha! Yeah, before it’s too late.” one of the guards mocked closing the cell door behind me. But I could feel it - I could feel their fear of me, of what I could do. They had seen me take down 20 genitally engineered soldiers by myself - without the help of Guinevere. I cracked my neck, making my hair fall to the side revealing the hideous scar across my right eye. The scar I had inflicted upon myself in that time I was crazy - I mean I would never be able to tell the difference anyways. I smiled as the guard shuddered at the sight of the scar and I backed against the far wall and sunk to the floor calling upon Guinevere. The mist swirled around my legs as she appeared, the same hideous scar I had given myself was across her right eye as well. I felt bad for inflicting pain on Guinevere, she did nothing.


3. Polletta


I don't know what it is about trains, but I just can't stay awake for anything. I slept through 12 towns, and missed the best view of 7. Liam stayed awake the entire time, fidgeting with her hands or her dress; I could tell she was nervous about something, I just couldn't tell what it was. "Hey, it's alright, we are going to be fine." I said looking across the train at her. We sat on opposite sides of the train car, just staring out the window; waiting for something to happen. She smiled at me. 

"I know." She answered quietly.

"Then why are you acting nervous?" I asked, bending over, laying my elbows on my knees, and propping my head in one of my hands. Liam sat with a straight back, her ankles crossed, her head held high; but she was biting her lip, and looking down at her hands. 

"I'm not acting nervous." She reputed, fidgeting with her thumbs. "I've just never been to 1; I don't know how you guys act, or where to go." she sighed and hunched forward a little. 

"It's okay, I'll be with you every moment." I said with a smile; her answering smile was breathtaking, and my heart thumped a bit faster afterward. Her smile faltered as we passed through 2 though, as if it just hit her what was going on. I stayed silence, not knowing what to say to a girl who I've only known for about a day and a half. 2 was a bigger town than 15 to say the least; it had tall buildings, and larger houses with perfectly mowed lawns, and perfectly paved streets, and almost as perfect as you could get. It seemed to be, that the closer you were to 1, the fancier everything was, and the more annoying people got. I sat back up, crossing my arms over my chest, staring out the window, trying not to focus on Liam playing with her dress. 

"What's 1 like?" she asked suddenly, I looked up at her sharply; she was staring at me, her blue eyes piercing. 

"Well, it's a lot cleaner than 15." I said with a smirk. "The food suck almost as much as the people, but don't let them get to you. The houses are big and a cream-ish color, with large lawns that have to be perfect or you get fined by the city. No more than 2 children are allowed, as well as one pet; but I suppose that is the same everywhere in this country." I continued, explaining my dull life. Liam smiled a bit at my sarcasm about the people, but other wise didn't say anything as we passed out of 2 and back into the thin line of forest that separated each town from each other - too dense to cross by foot, so everyone had to use the train.

1 came into view, and Liam leaned against the window, the same way she had done when we entered City. I tilted my head to look at the window also, but I wasn't interested in it anymore. No one would want a Polletta child, even in 1. The rules done change in different towns, so I was preparing myself for the worst. The train stopped at the station in the middle of town. Like the houses, the building was a cream-ish white color, even the floor and ceiling. I walked out of the train first, followed by Liam who stuck to my side like a lost puppy dog. "You ready to meet my parents?" I asked sarcastically.

"I think so." she answered with the slightest nod; then I turned and walked out of the station, taking a deep breath of the summer air. "Where is your house located?" Liam asked looking up at me.

"Near the edge of town, it shouldn't take us long - if we can find a cab." I answered raising my hand to catch the attention of a cab driver. Most towns didn't have cabs, let alone cars - but in 1, closest to City, it was kind of mandatory to have them, not just because of the size of the town. Diplomats from other towns, as well as City, came to vacation in 1; though I would go to 7. There were hotels, casino's, bars, pubs, anything a business man could want for a vacation - wither it were to get away from work, his family, or just because he wanted to; 1 was the place to go. A white cab with two black stripes down the side's stopped in front of us, and I opened the door for Liam. Once she was in I ran to the opposite side and got in myself.

"Where do you want to go." The man asked, looking at us through the rear-view mirror.

"45th Avenue, 1589." I said as the cab pulled out of the train station. Liam looked out the window's mesmerized at all the creamish white buildings flying by. I watched her; smiling to myself as she pressed her face to the window trying to see everything at once. She turned toward me, her black hair falling over her shoulder like a waterfall.

"This place is amazing!" She exclaimed, her face flying back to the window. I sighed looking out my own window, wondering how my parents would react to me being Polletta. The Cab driver turned onto my street and stopped in front of my house.

"Here." I said, handing him the money and stepping out of the car, followed by Liam. The cab drove away and I walked up to my house and opened the door. "Mom, Dad! I'm home!" I yelled, taking off my shoes. "You can set your stuff right there." I said to Liam, pointing to a little bench under a picture of my family.

"Oh! Luke! I was getting so worried!" My mom said walking quickly into the room. She took me in quickly then pulled me into her arms. "Where were you?" She asked sternly letting me go and hitting my arm.

"I fell asleep on the train yesterday coming home and missed 1. Liam was kind enough to let me stay the night." I said, bringing the attention to Liam, who blushed bright red before bowing her head to hide it. My mom walked towards Liam, taking her in, a scrutinized look on her face, and I started to get nervous. 

"Strange placement for your tattoo." She said finally, taking Liam's hands in hers and pulling her arms out to both sides to see the tattoo's, and I was thankful that her dress was a turtle neck. I quickly walked over to my mom, and tore her hand's off of Liam.

"Please mom..." I pleaded, my eyes wide, hoping she would know what I meant. She let go of Liam, backing slowly away, then turned her eyes on me.

"So what is your tattoo?" she asked quickly, walking into the living room, which had the same pail creamish white color as the rest of the town with white furniture and carpet, and our black pet pig who lay near the couch. He had a bow tie on, just like any other day, which made me want to laugh at the irony of it all.

"You have a pet pig!" Liam exclaimed kneeling down to pet him. I smiled petting him too. "What's his name?" she asked looking up at me and my mom.

"Oswald Fitsjerald, but you can just call him Ozzie." I said sitting on the white couch, Liam smiled and pet him again before standing up to sit next to me. My mom sat in the chair near the fire place. We sat in awkward silence when my dad barged though the front doors.

"I couldn't find him anywhere! His friends say he fell asleep on the train, so he could be anywhere." I blushed hard as my mom sighed.

"William, would you come here please?" my mom asked rolling her eyes dramatically. Loud footsteps echoed through the house as my father neared the living room. When he saw me, he froze.

"Where you you?" he asked sternly, his hands balling into fists at his sides.

"I feel to sleep on the train, Liam let me stay at her house." I said as sternly as my father did, keeping my eyes level and my voice steady; trying not to give anything away. My dad's eyes flew to Liam, and I couldn't help but want to jump in front of her - to protect her.

"How idiotic are you?" he asked walking to stand by my mother, his eyes never leaving Liam's. "You could have been robbed, rapped, or even killed Luke." his eyes turned back to me, and I looked quickly to my mom; pleading silently, but her eyes were down. I said nothing, what could I say without putting Liam in the line of fire? "What's your tattoo?" he asked, changing the subject quickly.

"I'm Polletta." I said quietly, hoping neither my mom nor dad could hear. But I guess I wasn't so lucky. 

"You are what?" he asked, his fists tightening even farther to where his knuckles were white.

"Polletta." I said confidently, trying to hide my feelings, trying to push them down far enough so my dad couldn't see. "I am Polletta." I could see Liam tense in the side of my eye, her eyes down, her body completely still.

"Get out." my dad said. "Get out."         


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