“Run, before it’s too late.” I warned as the guards pushed me into the cell. The same cell I was in before - the same claw marks on the wall and floor where I had almost gone crazy. “Ha! Yeah, before it’s too late.” one of the guards mocked closing the cell door behind me. But I could feel it - I could feel their fear of me, of what I could do. They had seen me take down 20 genitally engineered soldiers by myself - without the help of Guinevere. I cracked my neck, making my hair fall to the side revealing the hideous scar across my right eye. The scar I had inflicted upon myself in that time I was crazy - I mean I would never be able to tell the difference anyways. I smiled as the guard shuddered at the sight of the scar and I backed against the far wall and sunk to the floor calling upon Guinevere. The mist swirled around my legs as she appeared, the same hideous scar I had given myself was across her right eye as well. I felt bad for inflicting pain on Guinevere, she did nothing.


4. Goodbye Oswald


Williams words echoed through my mind as fear coiled up in me. I tried not to move, tried not to bring the attention to myself. I was as ridged as a statue. Anxiety boiled up within me, the same anxiety that always threatened to burst into a panic attack. I couldn't get a full breath of air, or let all that air out; it made me dizzy but there was nothing I could do but hope the feelings would pass soon enough. "Get out." Luke's dad said for the third time, his eyes turning to me. "Both of you." Luke stood up slowly, his hands up.

"Can I at least pack?" He asked, and in two steps William was standing in front of Luke, had his hand up, then a slap; and Luke was sitting again, a hand to his now red face. My eyes widened in shock, my hands flying toward Luke, anger flaring into my bones, blinding me with red. I stood up, my breath coming in short bursts. William laughed curtly turning to look at his wife then back at me. I balled my hands into fists.

"What do you think you're going to do?" He asked mockingly. I couldn't answer, my anxiety, fear, and anger stopped me when I tried, so instead, I stood there silent. 

"Honey, don't." Luke's mom said standing; but William ignored her, turned to me, and slapped me hard on the cheek; but my body din't fall back on the couch like Luke's did, my face didn't even move an inch. A growl ripped through my lips, an inhuman sound which even startled myself; but I didn't try to stop it. It felt natural, like a piece of me was missing, and now it was unleashed. The growl grew louder as my lips curled up like an animal. Luke stared at me, a haunted look on his face. William looked at me too, his head cocked to the side confused.

"Don't." I said as another growl ripped through my throat. I could feel the fear seeping off of William, Luke, and his mom; but I couldn't stop. My fear only grew with theirs. Mist started to seep from the ground, making a think fog, and through the fog cam a howl. My heart hammered through my chest as my eyes narrowed at William. Through the fog, a ginormous wolf stalked forward until it was standing right next to me, its fur brushing along my arm, it's teeth bared, its eyes trained upon William. It stood there, waiting, waiting for something, waiting for me to give the command to attack. Furry laced through my brain, and my hand outstretched toward William, and the wolf attacked as another growl escaped my mouth. Luke's mom screamed as the wolf knocked her husband to the floor. I pulled my hand back, and the wolf obeyed, turning, it walked back into the mist; the fog disappeared, and I was left breathless and tired. Luke stood up, his eyes wide with fear.

"What are you?" Luke's mom asked, kneeling by William.

"I don't know." I answered, as Luke took my arm and pulled me toward a creamish white stair case. Once we were on the second floor, Luke lead me down a long hallway and into a room. Seeing a bed, I collapsed onto it, not knowing how long my legs could hold my weight. Luke started to pack a bag full of clothes. "What are you doing?" I asked, trying to sit up.

"We are leaving. My father made it clear we can't stay." He said looking back at me.

"I should have killed him." I said, which made Luke pause.

"Kill him?" He asked turning to face me; I nodded, not knowing how to explain what had just happened.

"That wolf was apart of me; like it was me. I could feel every muscle in it's body, its heart beat was my own; and its eyes... its eyes were blue, just like ours - just like mine. It was me." I said looking up at the ceiling. Luke shook his head and continued to pack.

"Well, whatever you did, until we get out of here, you might need to do it again." he said, looking at the door, and I shook my head trying to sit up.

"No; I never want to do that again... I don't even know how I did it in the first place." I argued, running a hand through my hair. Luke threw a bag at me, it was filled with clothes.

"Come on." he said picking up another one - just as filled - from the ground and walked down the stairs. "Do you want to summon the demon wolf thing again? Or are we gonna run out of the house?" he asked.

"Why would we run? - and it's not a demon wolf thing... it was me - or apart of me." We walked down the stairs slowly; every step making the stairs creek under our weight. Luke stopped at the bottom step and peered out into the living room. William was still on the ground unconscious, and Luke's mom was nowhere to be seen. We walked to the door as quickly as we could, but were stopped by Luke's mom standing in front of the door, holding a gun.

"What are you?" she asked, her voice shaky - and with it, her hand which held the gun, making it shake all around.

"Mom, calm down - we are leaving." said Luke, his voice smooth as though he were trying to calm down a crying child.

"Answer me! What are you?" She yelled, and I could feel the fear and anxiety seep off her like a waterfall. I stepped in front of Luke, knowing none of this was his fault; that I scared her, and I would take the bullet.

"I don't know." I answered, showing my hands. "It just happened."

"Like hell it just happened!" The waterfall of fear and anxiety turned into a pool around my feet; a ghostly black pool. "You almost killed my husband." she said, and the gun stilled in her hands. Taking a deep breath I prepared myself to get shot - to die. A shot rang out, and I stood, my eyes closed, waiting to feel the pain, waiting to die; but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to see Luke's mom standing, her jaw dropped, tears in her eyes. I looked around to see what was happening - who had she shot? I turned around to see Luke starring down at me, his eyes wide.

"What did she shoot?" I whispered to him, seeing how he wasn't hurt.

"You!" He gasped out pointing to my stomach. I looked down to see blood soaking through the black dress. Panic flew through my body. My head became dizzy, and the mist started to form off the ground. I tried to stop it, tried to will the mist away. But a growl ripped through my throat again. Luke gasped again, backing away. Luke's mom shot me again, hitting my shoulder, then again, hitting my leg. "Mom! Stop!" he yelled pushing me behind him, another growl came from my parted lips. The wolf appeared from the mist, blood dripping off its fur in the same places I was shot.

"Run." I whispered to Luke's mom, knowing I couldn't control the wolf. She did just that. The door flew open, and she ran into the streets; but the wolf didn't run after her. Luke looked down at me, his eyes filled with concern. 

"You need a doctor." He said picking me up. I yelped in pain, or was it the wolf, as he lifted me into his arms. Picking up his two bags, and my one bag he left the house. My head lolled back, hanging off his arms; and I could see as he walked, the pool of anxiety and fear seeped into the wolf - into me. I tilted my head up as a howl left my lips. The mist followed us, always staying a few feet back, and never growing longer or taller than when it first appeared. Using my good hand I waved the wolf off toward the mist, feeling my eyelids drupe down. "Stay with me Liam, keep your eyes open." He said looking down at me, and I nodded slowly, trying to do as he said. He walked for what felt like forever as I tried to keep my eyes open. "I know someone who might help us - just stay with me." And then he was running, and I could no longer keep my eyes open, but a laugh escaped my lips nevertheless.

"Goodbye Oswald Fitsjerald." I whispered my eyelids crashing down. 

"Stay with me Liam!" Luke yelled, but his voice sounded far away.

"Goodbye Luke." I whispered, he yelled something else, but he was too far away to hear.         




I opened my eyes to a bright light and my ears ringing, squinting I tried to look around, but my head was held in place. Trying to move my arms I felt they too were held in place, as well as my legs. Was this hell? I mean, of course this couldn't be heaven - I was always told heaven had big gates and angels flying around. But I had assumed hell would be filled with demons and fire, and snakes, and all things evil. The ringing in my ears subsided a bit and someone's talking replaced it. "Liam? Are you alright? Doc, is she alright? She's not answering me."

"She is fine Luke, just calm down for a second." Another voice said, the doc I presumed. He had a deep voice, very rustic. The bright light moved to the side and I could finally see. Luke was to the right, his eyebrows knit together in a very concerned way; down by my feet the doc stood. He wasn't at all what I assumed he would look like. With long blond hair that hung from a ponytail at the base of his neck, a stern jaw line, as well as a thin muscular figure.

"Where am I?" I asked, my voice hoarse, looking back and forth between Luke and the doctor. Luke sighed and laid his forehead on the bed next to my legs. The doctor walked to the left of me and unstrapped one of my arms. 

"You are at my house." he said then unstrapped my head, then my legs. "Luke, would you unhook her other hand?" he asked and Luke complied lifting his head his hands found the straps that held my right arm to the bed; his eyes never meeting mine.

"What happened? Why was I strapped to the bed?" I asked, trying to move, but failing miserably, as my arms didn't even move in inch. 

"You were shot, don't you remember that?" Luke asked, moving closer to my head so my eyes didn't have to strain to look at him. I shook my head. 

"I was shot?" I asked confused; Luke nodded. "How? When? All I remember was walking into your house and your mom scrutinizing my tattoo's." I said, trying yet again to move. This time Luke saw what I was trying to do and leaned down, pushing a hand under my back and lifting slightly. "Ow! Frick!" I yelled, and the doctor rushed to my side, his hands shaking as he tried to figure out where to help. I sucked in a deep breath and held it, trying to keep in a shout as Luke and the doctor adjusted me so I could sit with my back against the wall. 

"You were shot by my mom when we tried to leave." Luke said sitting back down on his chair.

"Your mom? But she was so nice!" I said looking down at my legs and noticed instead of a dress, I had on shorts and my bra with bandages around my stomach up to my shoulder and on my thigh. 

"Yeah if by nice you mean shooting you three times. How did you even control the wolf?" asked Luke as the doctor left the room. 

"Wolf? I don't remember any wolf." 

"So you don't remember anything from the 20 odd minutes we were at my house? Not my dad coming home late after searching for me?" I shook my head. "Not the wolf knocking him to the ground?" He asked, and I shook my head again. "My mom shooting you?" He asked, his eyebrows knitting together again. 

"How many times do I have to tell you? I don't remember anything! I don't know about any wolf - I've don't remember meeting your father, I don't remember getting shot!" I said sternly. Luke let out a frustrated breath as he set his elbows on the bed next to my legs. 

"The doctor was afraid of this... It took me 30 minutes to persuade him to get you to help you - then you started thrashing and howling - the wolf came again - that's when we had to strap you to the bed. The wolf left soon after, and the mist fell away. You lost a lot of blood during that time - hit your head pretty hard a couple of times too." He paused, his leg started thumping up and down in a nervous way. "He said that we can spend the night tonight, but we have to leave in the morning. You know, because us being Polletta and all." I nodded, figuring that was going to happen. Not too many people would house us for more than a day at a time. 

"Okay then... what time is it?" I asked looking around the room for a clock. 

"9 pm." He answered, I nodded again. "You should get some sleep - try to recover some before we have to leave." 

"What about you?" Luke smirked slightly. 

"I'll be fine Liam; I promise I won't stay up long." He answered standing up. I watched him leave the room, his back hunched over, his black hair a mess, his clothes crumpled and wrinkly.

"Good night." I whispered, he didn't reply, and the door closed softly behind him.     

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