The Alpha's Mate (On Hold!)


1. Chapter 1: The Chase, The Fall And The Faint

My name is Alia Renee Longmire. This is my story.

“Run Alia! Run and never turn back!” My brother Jace yelled. I nodded and with tears in my eyes, ran to the secret cave we found when we were little. Things started racing through my mind of what could happen.

I heard noises outside, so I nestled deeper into the cave. “I don’t know where she is. It’s like she just disappeared.” I heard a masculine voice say. I relaxed, thinking they won’t find me.

“Beta Nesmith! I found a scent!” I stiffened as I realized this voice was closer. A scent? “Flashlight!” The other voice called. A bright light was shone in my face and I scooted back. “Nevermind, we found her.” I silently cursed as more people moved toward the cave.

“Hey.” Someone called. I turned toward the entrance to see a brown haired man. "I’m not going to hurt you. Can you please come out?" He asked, reaching for my hand.

I hissed at him, scooting back farther in the cave. He sighed, drawing his hand back and running it through his hair. He backed away, leaving me alone. I started to relax when a man stuck his head in the cave. He looked about twenty with spiked black hair with gold tips, but what really caught my attention were his eyes.

His eyes were the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen. The outer ring was a light gold, the gold turning to a gray to the inner ring, which was a light green.It brought out another side of him. I relaxed immediately, even though I didn’t even know this man. His eyes searched me, dilating from the slight dimness as his body block the entrance which let the light in, looking for something. If he found it, he didn’t say, and pulled out of the cave. He spoke with someone before crawling in the cave.

He could only fit half of his body in, but was far enough for him to whisper to me, “Please come out. We just want to talk.” He said, trying to reach me. “Right. That’s what they say in the movie before they kill someone.” I snorted, scooting farther away. He chuckled and stared at me, waiting for me to break.

“Can I ask you a question?” My voice cracked. He nodded and stopped struggling towards me. “Is my brother dead?” He sighed, “No, but Delta Longmire was severely injured protecting you. He’s in a coma...for now.” I burst out crying, but then processed what he said.

“Wait, Delta Longmire. As in Jace Longmire?” I tried to process what was happening, but I felt dizzy and my sight was fogged. “Alia!” was the last thing I hear before I passed out.

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