8. The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas! Is it really a time to go shopping,
To go sing songs here and there?
It should not be,
But that is what it has become.
We just go to other people’s houses,
Some because you do not have to cook a meal,
Some because there is nothing better to do.
When did Christmas become all about us,
About what we can get out of it,
About what others can get for “me”?
What happened to remembering why we even celebrate this season?
What about the most selfless gift given to us years ago?
Did He even have to come?
Of course He did not,
He came for us,
To save us.
Not to get gifts,
But to be the biggest best gift of all,
Not saying gifts and singing are bad,
Just so long as we remember why we do it.
The true reason for Christmas.

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