2. Be Yourself

Our lives are not as wonderful as others.
We may think ours is the best,
And act like it is.
We are so much “better” than everyone else.
In reality we may be worse, not even close to being good.
Or we can be good and others look down us,
Because we are not trying to be seen.
We can be unseen and “invisible” to others,
But to some we stand out among the rest.
Not trying to be the center of attention,
Just trying to do the right thing.
Without others telling you what to say or do to be in their group.
You try to blend in the crowd, but that is not always the best.
You should be independent and stand out among others.
Not for fame or popularity, but for being different and unique.
You should not let others tell you who you should be,
But strike out on your own and be yourself,
Not who people make u out to be.
Do not change yourself to fit in with everyone,
You will eventually hate who you have become,
And you may not be able to come back. 

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