I fell in love with my angel?

She was an angel.
He was just a boy.


1. Chapter One

Esme's POV

    I sighed as I watched him run into the room in tears. He slammed his door shut. For the seventh time this week. I watched him run into the the bathroom his eyes bloodshot. I followed him and stood there and watched him grab the razor and before he could put it on his arm I revealed myself "don't do that" I said. His head snapped my way "w-who are y-you" he asked "I'm Esme, your angel" I said "m-my what?" He ask tilting his head, I always found this adorable. "Angel, you know people with halos over their head" I said he nodded and set down the razor "w-why'd you s-stop me?" He asked looking down "that's what I'm here for, to stop you from doing thing's you'll regret" I said lifting his head "w-why do you look s-so young?" He asked "I pulled my hand away and lifted my arms "did that same thing you want to" I said. He nodded "y-you're really n-nice" he whispered with a smile plastered on his face "well I am an angel" I said softly giggling. He smiled "now come on, put it away and we'll watch some YouTube" I said knowing that he would always do that to feel better. He put it back in the cabinet and stood up. I stood up and followed him out of the small room. I sat down next to him and watched as he pulled out his laptop. He got onto YouTube and started watching a video. I don't know who made it. I didn't really pay attention to that. I mainly paid attention to the way he laughed and smiled. YouTube makes him happy. Just like he makes me happy.

   After a while he had fallen asleep. I had to leave before his mom came up to check on him but he looked so peaceful. He looked as if all of his problems has just disappeared. I sighed and moved his fringe out of his face. Michael Gordon Clifford. I think I love you. I moved away and set his laptop on his desk. I sighed and looked out the window. The sun was setting.... I should be getting home. I opened my wings and looked back one more time and then left. When I was flying so much was running through my head. I couldn't think straight. I stopped at the bridge where it happened. I sighed and wiped my stray tear away. "No tears" I said. I walked for a while before I got to the apartment I owned under my human name. I mean I'm not Esme. I'm Jaide... But no one knows that... Because Jaide is dead. I shut the door and looked down at the kitten that was sleeping on the couch. I lightly pet it and then walked to my room. I looked out the window and then shut the curtain. I laid in bed and sighed. I have a crush on a human. How would everyone react? I shoved my face in the pillow and closed my eyes. I guess we'll see.

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