Just Another Smile I Fake

A Smile, They say, Can Make Someones Day, But Its Another Reminder That The Smile Is Completely Fake


1. Just Another Smile I Fake

There is times I force a smile, 
Cause my days aren't at all bright. 
The sun doesn't shine, 
On this broken heart of mine. 
When it continuously rains, 
It pours. 
With clouds of grey, 
On a narrow path I always stray.
So I find myself with darkened days, 
Where there is no light to shine my way through,
To help find my way back, 
It is but the darkest black, 
All around me. 
Surrounding me. 
So I force a smile in hopes one doesn't notice the pain, 
That lies deep within my heart, 
That wasn't there at the start. 
I go about my life with a bowed head, 
Not caring what I might have to face up ahead. 
It couldn't be much worse than the things I've already endured. 
Just another obstacle in my way, 
Put there by fate. 
But its a bit to late, 
When nothing can hurt me anymore. 
My soul already broken and tore. 
I've no longer the wings to spread and soar. 
As life throws hit after hit, 
I take it full force. 
Allowing it to claw at me with everything its got, 
Because I had long forgot, 
What pain feels like. 
Its doesn't even register as the blows come down, 
My face bound from any emotion as I stare forward, I just wear a frown. 
In a life where I don't care. 
In a life that rips and tares. 
I fake a smile you see. 
You don't know me, 
So how can it be, 
That you say you know? 
All the words fall on deaf ears, 
I don't have any fears, 
I don't believe in ever after, 
Or happy endings. 
I am but a lost soul walking without any direction, 
Or a place to go. 
With each step I take, 
Is just another smile I fake.

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