my alpha mate

mohagany is a girl but know ordinary she's a werewolf an alphas daughter and he's over protective of her and dose not want her to find her mate. she finally convinced her dad to let her go to school. when she gets there she finds her mate gage pairs he's an alpha of the blood moon pack the biggest pack in the world and he's also every girls target..

what will happen when powers are reviled and secrets


5. Surprise Visit

It was time for lunch and me and gage walked in hand in hand. When I say everybody was watching us I mean everybody. I told him i whanted to sit with my grup of friends he said he was going to to. But he had to go tell his friends first. I walked to my group and they where all smiling like a maniac. What i said yall are so cute togather lendisey said. Whatever i said but i could not hide the blush that came on my face. They all started laughing. When they finally calmed down haly and gabe asked if he was going to sit with us. I said yes. We all started talking about what my dad whould do if he found out. Gage came over and interduced himself as alpha and my mate all my gal friends where gigigaling and the guys where staring at him. If you hurt her we will kill you tristin said in an evil/dark way. For a little person you sure are scary. I thought. So they all started asking him qustions like what whould you do if mohagany was being attacked right now or what would you do if someone was flirting with her the whole time I was trying not to laugh because his facial reactions to the questions they asked him the bell rung and what sucked is i have gym I HATE GYM. Gage grabed my hand and we walked to gym while girls where giving me death glares and guys where starying me up and down. When we got there he told me he had to go get dressed. He gave me a quick peck then ran to the guys locker room. I went to the girls and put on a lose crop top and the gym shorts. That where whay to short when i got out all the guys where giving me wolf wistiles the girls rolled there eys at me gage came out and ran to me his eys fully black i knew his wolf took over. Can i talk to gage please he nodded. When gage came back he smiled and said this is going to be an intresting day. Why i said. Because.............. 



Your dad is coming...

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