my alpha mate

mohagany is a girl but know ordinary she's a werewolf an alphas daughter and he's over protective of her and dose not want her to find her mate. she finally convinced her dad to let her go to school. when she gets there she finds her mate gage pairs he's an alpha of the blood moon pack the biggest pack in the world and he's also every girls target..

what will happen when powers are reviled and secrets


1. School

Mohagany pov.



wake up!!!!! No leave me alone mom well I guess your going to miss your first day of school. As some as she said that I hoped out of my bed and ran to my closet to look for something to where put my hair in a ponytail and ran down stairs. When I got there my dad was by the door waiting to take me to school lets go he said  thanks dad  I said no prob he said now of to school we go he said  by mom love you you I can't wait to go because I really shan't to find my mate wonder if he goes to this school. Well I guess we'll see.


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