my alpha mate

mohagany is a girl but know ordinary she's a werewolf an alphas daughter and he's over protective of her and dose not want her to find her mate. she finally convinced her dad to let her go to school. when she gets there she finds her mate gage pairs he's an alpha of the blood moon pack the biggest pack in the world and he's also every girls target..

what will happen when powers are reviled and secrets


2. School part 2

when we arrived he gave me a whole lecture about boys and finding my mate. When he finally let me out and I met up with michell and Nicolas and lindsey there my bestie in the pack. They where telling me about the most powerful pack in the world.  The blood moon pack. For some reason I felt odly interested in the topic. They where saying how the alpha gage Paris. They said how he's every girls dream guy. And how he was only interested in finding his mate. Sopodaly he asked a witch about it and said that the girl was in our pack. For some reason I felt jealous cause compared to the girls in our pack. I'm so ugly and don't get me wrong I love who I am but still. So as soon as we got in the school all heads snapped to us...... Well me as we walked to my locker I chouldent help but leson to what people where saying. They where saying stuff like wow she's fine or can I have her but the girls where giving me death glares. When we got to my locker I smelt the most beautiful smell ever. And new it was my mate omg Nicolas michell Lindsey my mates near. Well gage is coming your way Mitchell said. When she said that I looked down the hall and there he was coming towards me. I did not know what to do so i ran to my class. probably not the best idea.

when i got to class the teacher was surprise to see me. ah you must be Marcel daughter mogany right. ya i said well I'm Ms.doty nice to meet you i said same she said the bell ringgggg  well go find your seat ok so i sat down. And as soon as i did there there he was walking in the class like he ruled the world.THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG DAY i thought.  













sorry for the short chapters i have a lot going on so ill try to update every day 

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