my alpha mate

mohagany is a girl but know ordinary she's a werewolf an alphas daughter and he's over protective of her and dose not want her to find her mate. she finally convinced her dad to let her go to school. when she gets there she finds her mate gage pairs he's an alpha of the blood moon pack the biggest pack in the world and he's also every girls target..

what will happen when powers are reviled and secrets


3. Classes

When he came in his eyes snapped to mine. And it was like the whole world was in slow motion. He was walking to me and I was starting to panic so I mind linked the pack (besides my dad ) and told them what was going on. They said just to let him come to me. So that's what I did. He sat at a seat next to me and just stared at me (by the way it's home room) 

So I did the worst thing a person could do I looked an alpha in the eye and when I did,I did not see the scary alpha I've been told I see an loving alpha.He just stared at me like he knew what I was thinking.The bell rung and home room was over I don't know what I as thinking but I ran out of the class room and met up with my friends in my pack.They all started asking question at the same time. Omg one at a time I said. Is it true you found your mate Dallas asked me.ya and its gage Parris I said. The gage Parris like the most freard alpha in the world gage.tristin asked Nooooo the singer gage Parris  of course the alpha gage I said.Speaking of the devil Addison said. Omg umm what do I do well I don't know about you but I'm going to find my mate Raymond Dallas said  (of course) I thought 

Well I'm going to go to baseball pratice Addison said. They all started leaving and when the last person left he was standing in front of me. What's your name beautiful he asked me. M-mhogany I stuttered  that's a beautiful name. I'm gage Parris alpha of the blood moon pack. I'm alpha Marcel's daughter of the silver moon pack. Ahh your dad told me to keep guys away from you. Well that's going to be a problem I said.  Why he said with a smirk. Cause your my mate. And he can't keep you away from me. He smiled I Almost melted he said I would  like to see him try...

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