Dating you


3. Chapter three

*Next day*

*Chantells POV*

I got up at 7:30. I'ts probbly good that I slepet in I'm usely ready at 6;00 am.

I got out of bed and started to look for something to wear when I renember the top my sister bought me the first time I whent to the guys band practice.

It looks lie this:

And i wore my fav riped jeans

And shoes I wore my fav red pumps

And teid my hair like this

Luke loves it when I dress up in my riped jeans. I love it as well I try to wear it most of the time.

*Luke POV*

Knok knok

I never knok on Chantells door, but when Chantells Uncle is home I try to be.... Well not wel manerd I think I'm already but like I can't seem to put my tong on the word.

"Luke" Chantells Uncle said

His voice still scears me!!!

"Morning sure how was your stay in California?"

"Here to get Chantell and It was fine thak you for asking."

Luke I heard Chantells voice and her arms swong around me to give me a hug.

I hugde her back but not like i would usely do and lift her of the grond and kiss her neck becuase her Uncle was still wringt there staring at us so insted I just gave her a small hug and stopped.

She said good bey to her aunt and uncle. Just as the door closed I took her and problly give her the biggest and longest kiss I have ever given her.

I looked at her she was dressed in her fav riped jeans I love it!

*Chantell's POV*

Are you still sceard off my uncle? I aked Luke when we got in the car Knowing what would be his awnser.

Hi love birds! Calum said


Did you have to makeout before you got in the car! Ash said whith that tone that he knows anoys me!

Yesssssssss Luke said whith that same tone.

Micheal wheres Cara I asked to get Calum and Ash moking someone else.

Yes where is your other half who stole your look Calum said.

If you think about it Cara is inlove with pizza and so is Micheal. Cara has crazy colourd hair (wich I Love) so has Micheal.

Micheal always dresses in something like this:


So does Cara so for once I kinda agree whith Calum. I thought to myself.

She said shes gonna meet us there. Micheal said pulling his face at Calum and Micheal.

*Ride to bowling place*



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