Dating you


1. Chapter one

*Chantells POV*

You wake me up

like a broke record

saying that your hart hurts

and you endup crying

and I end up lying

Chantell sings out load while she lookes for her phone. She looks at the poster hanging in her room. That kinda looks like this:

This is like probly the only poster she can have. Becuase when the boys come over and hang out in her room they check the posters of themselfs kinda weird.

And it makes me fee weird!


*Phone rings*

Hey babe I anserd

Hey whatsupp Luke awnserd


I was wondering if you want to come to practise at Micheals house

Shure I anserd



I hate Miceals house (no affence) I mean its not like there is something wrong its just so far from the beach and so big I always have to ask where everything is!

Which is kinda embaresing becuase I practicly live in Luke's house I know Calum and Ahs's house like the  back of my hand!!


*Luke's POV*

I took this photo of Chantell the last time she came with me to a practice.

She was talking to Ash went I just yelled at her and told her to look at me it was a random pic but it turned uot to be my wallpaper on my phone and fav photo.


Chantell hates it and always askes me to delete it.

But its my fav pic of her and I think she looks amazing in it.

*got a message from Ash*

Hey Luke R U ready for practice is Chantell coming.

I probebly should text him back.

Hey yes I'm ready and Chantell's coming.

Cool she's not going to be the only girl this time :-p

What do you mean

Micheal got some!!!!! :-0 ;-)

Ooh lala

*Chantells POV*

We got at Micheals house as we whent in his room a girl got off his lap.

Hey guys this is my girlfreind Cara Micheal said

Cara looked like this:

Her hair and moth percing cought my eye.

She is very pretty and her hair maches her eyes very well.

Athurs note:

Hey guys tx for reading! Please comment if you have a hint or a idea i can use in the storie!




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