Dating you


6. chapter 6

*lukes POV*

Chantell opend the door.

We walked up to her room.

When i walked in Ash was sitting on her bed Cara on the beanbag she has in her room with a box of tissues.

"Hey?" I said kinda confuesed.

Whats going on here? I wisperd in Chantells ear.

"I whish i knew al that i know as was about to call you to ask you something when Ash climbed in my window and the next moment Cara shows up in tears Pissed at Ash and Saying that she and Micheal broke up." Chantell wisperd sounding sad,mad,sceared and worried.

I think i should go Ash said.

No!! Cara snapped at him.

How about you tel Chantell what happend? Cara said.

'uhmm... wel I ...."Ash said lokking down at his shoes.

"He kissed me. Than Micheal saw it thought something else. We had a fight and he broke up whith me and now he said he's gonna leave the band." Cara said.

ASH!! Cara screamed at ash.


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